The Church That Lives by Faith

Each Sabbath morning seeds of faith are sown right at the Vermont-Canadian border when a few Adventists from Richford and Jericho, Vermont, cross the border to attend Sabbath School at the Abercorn church in Abercorn, Quebec.

The border patrol workers know the church members and that they are observing the Sabbath. Usually they ask, “What is the purpose of your trip?” The answer, of course, is to go to church. Occasionally they ask if we are bringing anything into Canada. “Yes,” we respond. “We’re bringing our Bibles and our Sabbath School quarterlies.” Then they smile and say, “Have a good day!” Then when we cross back, the American customs officers ask, “Have you been to church?” This again provides us an opportunity to witness.

Community Outreach

Four years ago the five regularly attending members of our Sabbath School decided to move out in faith and sow some more seed. We decided to pass out literature in memory of a friend, Mark Hull, who had played a vital part in each of our lives. Knowing Mark’s love for Bibles, we purchased 100 Bibles and 100 Bedtime Bible Story Books.

Very soon our supply was depleted, so we bought and distributed 200 more storybooks and Bibles. Then a church member found a copy of Steps to Christ in Mark’s collection of books. Realizing that this book had an influence on his life, we decided to distribute copies of Steps to Christ. We distributed 100 copies in an afternoon. As we dropped off the books, we would look for signs of children. Wherever we saw that children lived in a home, we also left copies of Primary Treasure and Our Little Friend. When there was an opportunity for mailing Happiness Digest, we did that. We have mailed 200 copies of Mark’s tape, Songs of the Spiritual Experience.

Occasionally we see signs that people are responding to our efforts. One young lady from the Philippines said that she was very happy to have her own copy of the Bible. One church member has neighborhood children coming to her home to sing. Another member received a letter from a partially blind lady who said how much she enjoyed listening to the tape. Two non-Adventists now attend Sabbath School regularly.

We will continue to sow seeds—Bibles and Steps to Christ. We also plan to distribute information about the Search for Truth videos produced by the Quiet Hour, as well as some Bible studies and other tracts.

But our community outreach is not limited to the roads and sidewalks of the community. Our visitors are encouraged to use their gifts and talents: play the piano, tell a children’s story, or share their thoughts during the lesson study. All talents are used, and our visitors leave feeling good. One visitor joyfully confided, “I feel as if I was able to do something for the Lord today.”

And of course, we take our outreach home, inviting guests to a good home-cooked meal and Christian fellowship.

Yes, we’re a small group, but we are significant. Our faith enables us to get things done for the Lord.

Barbara Turnowicz
© 2014 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists