Ideas for Promoting Missions

Missions must be a part of each Sabbath School program. Many churches find that using visual aids and other devices to keep members well informed about mission work help to achieve mission offering objectives.

Investment project proceeds swell the mission offerings within the North American Division and beyond our borders. Be generous.

Mission Spotlight
Be sure to give your members the sights and sound of Mission Spotlight. If you have not taken advantage of this resource, contact your conference office to arrange to get Mission Spotlight mailed to your church. This audiovisual program brings up-to-the-minute, firsthand reports. Don’t let your members miss the thrill of seeing the worldwide church for themselves. They may even be inspired to bring their friends and neighbors for this monthly event.

Ask your conference personnel for a list of returned missionaries who may be contacted for personal visits to your Sabbath School or who may be willing to share their videos or slides. If you have returned missionaries in your local church, share this information with your conference Sabbath School or personal ministries director. Other denominations in your town may have returned missionaries from the location the church is featuring for missions. Invite them to share with your Sabbath School members. Also, check public and university libraries for videos and maps.

Goal Devices
Charts and similar tools help members focus on the needs of missions and their contribution. Check with your local Adventist Book Center for colorful charts, felts, and other aids.

A Minute for Missions
Russia has many famous churches but many of our believers still have no church in which to worship. When Communism fell, it opened the door to the preaching of the gospel. Church members around the world prayed for and sponsored evangelism throughout the Euro-Asia Division. These prayers were answered and the membership in the Adventist Church more than tripled from 32,000 in 1988 to roughly 137,000 today according to the SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH yearbook 2012.

But there are still many challenges to be met, especially in areas such as Georgia, Belarus, and Siberia. Your copy of Mission can give you more details.

NOTE: A Minute for Missions can be reproduced and tucked into your church bulletins.

Rae Patterson
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