Tell the World: Nurture and Reclaiming -- June 21, 2014

Tell the World: Nurture and Reclaiming


On Sabbath, June 21, 2014, the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be focusing on opportunities to encourage those who have left the church to return to fellowship. This special Sabbath is intended to emphasize an ongoing concern for lost sheep who may be invited through many ways to come back to the fold.


  • Feeling Antsy: a children’s object lesson drawn from nature to illustrate the importance of an active and diverse church fellowship in which all are involved.
  • Retaining and Reclaiming: a Sabbath School program that offers interactive planning for a congregation to contact inactive members and encourage them to return to the faith.
  • You Could Be Nurturing a Future Leader: a sermon for the divine service that explores the ways in which our loving support for others may bring unexpectedly positive results for the future of God’s church family.


  • The Art of Visitation in the Sabbath School:  a description of a well-organized, year-round program of personal visitation conducted by the Sabbath School
  • In Step With Jesus: a four-quarter study guide for new and returning members to become actively engaged in a discipleship that will make them feel ever more welcome in church life
  • Seeking His Lost Sheep -1: an article on winsome ways in which those who have strayed from membership may be brought back to the church
  • Seeking His Lost Sheep -2: a continuation of the previous article
  • Lost and Found: an article outlining reassuring approaches to those who could become active members again