Adapting for the Group

Increase the enjoyment of participating in this class by adapting small-group exercises, techniques, and guidelines. Here are some examples:

  • Memory is stimulated by encouraging members to recall and recite verses of poetry and to sing familiar inspirational music.
  • Use the chalkboard to focus attention and reinforce discussion.
  • Be aware of the need to repeat questions.
  • Avoid pushing or probing to receive specific responses. Accept the expressions that each person can contribute.
  • Be tolerant about interruptions.
  • Twenty to 30 minutes is sufficient time for a session.

Real Greatness

Bring out that baptism is like having a bath and that foot washing is like washing the hands every time we get dirty.

You may liken Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet to His forgiving our sins after we have been baptized. 

Compare the disciples washing each other’s feet to our need to forgive one another for daily mistakes.

Rather than use simpler words, discuss key words such as betray, greatness, and unity. Patiently help with pronunciation as needed.

Lesson Supplements

  • Invite an experienced artist to present a chalk talk on the lesson.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to use short phrases for the PowerPoint presentation and use at least 36-point type. Include color photos.
  • Invite a deacon and/or deaconess to come in and demonstrate the foot-washing service and explain the etiquette of the service.

The Spirit “Replaces” Jesus

Discuss experiences that class members have had with friends and family moving far away from them and relate this to the disciples’ feelings when Jesus returned to heaven. 

Talk about how the disciples were to prepare for His leaving and what they were to do while He was gone. Discuss why the Holy Spirit was a good replacement for Jesus.

Rather than use simpler synonyms, discuss key words such as counselor, departure, and encouragement. Patiently work with pronunciation.

Lesson Supplements

  • Ask young adults to role-play a discussion between Jesus and His disciples about Jesus returning to heaven, the Holy Spirit’s coming, staying connected to Jesus while He is in heaven.
  • Have someone do mimes about various ways to stay connected to Jesus, and have class members guess what is being depicted.
  • Have a lengthy song service, focusing on songs, hymns, and choruses about Jesus going to heaven and His return to earth.

Jesus Lays Down His Life for His Friends

Lead a discussion about Christian love. Contrast Christian love and unhealthy forms masquerading as love, such as codependency and other forms of selfishness.

Discuss why Jesus was not a victim, even though He was murdered. Also discuss why Peter’s actions were unnecessary and why they made Jesus unhappy.

Discuss the differences between Jesus’ knowing the future and the claims of a fortuneteller.

Lesson Supplements

  • Ask an elder and the pastor to portray Caiaphas and Pilate to answer the class members’ questions.
  • Help class members prepare a list of questions that they would like to ask Caiaphas and Pilate.
  • Words to discuss: blackmail, charge, salvation.

The Power of the Resurrection

Define these words: witness, evidence, tomb, resurrection, doubt, testimony.

Help class members make a list of their personal evidence of the resurrection of Christ.

Ask class members to depict Mary Magdalene’s surprise at finding an empty tomb.

List the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus recorded in John 20 and 21 and the standard Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide.

Discuss “remembering” and “forgetting” in the context of Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary. 

Lesson Supplements

  • Provide paper and pencils, and guide class members in writing or tracing the words of Philippians 3:10: “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection” (NIV).
  • Provide valentine-shaped hearts cut from deep-purple paper and bearing the words “He rose so that I might live.” Provide an assortment of stickers with which to decorate the heart.

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