International Association of Bible Correspondence Schools

According to world church policy, the establishment, development and administration of Bible Correspondence Schools, including on-site management, finances, training, resource development and utilization, and evaluation systems, is the responsibility of world divisions. The task of facilitating communication between divisions on matters pertaining to Bible Correspondence Schools and their ministry is assigned to the Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department of the General Conference.

The International Association of Bible Correspondence Schools (IABCS), the vehicle for accomplishing this communication, is a cooperative, international umbrella organization sponsored by world divisions, Bible Correspondence Schools, Adventist World Radio, Adventist Media Centers, Global Mission, Adventist Global Communication Network, and the Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department of the General Conference. Membership is voluntary, though all Bible Correspondence Schools and media organizations are strongly encouraged to join.


The purpose of the IABCS is to:

  1. Foster and promote the work of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Bible Correspondence School system.
  2. Serve as a world-wide consultation and coordination entity for Bible Correspondence School endeavors.
  3. Provide a forum for cooperative creativity and initiative for the on-going progress of Bible Correspondence Schools.
  4. Foster the exchange of ideas.
  5. Foster the development and application of training systems for the utilization of Bible Correspondence School resources.
  6. Serve as a coordinating agency for the interchange and/or development of Bible courses for the general public and specific target audiences.


The work of IABCS will be coordinated by the Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department of the General Conference in consultation with the members of the association.

Since in the world church various division departments, media centers, and other entities are responsible for Bible Correspondence Schools, member divisions and media organizations may customize the organization and administration of the IABCS within their jurisdiction to best fit their needs and cultural environment.

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings of the IABCS will be held at the time of the quinquennial departmental advisories, and once more during a quinquennium as deemed feasible by member organizations. 

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