Build on a Foundation

There’s a cute little song that the cradle roll children sing that goes like this: “The wise man built his house upon the rock.” You probably know the whole song, hand motions and all. The story is based on the parable Jesus told about two men. The wise man built his house on the rock. The foolish man built his house on the sand. When the storms came, whose house do you suppose stood the test? You’re right. The house the wise man built on a solid foundation.

There are a few things that all foundations have in common. Anyone admiring a house will notice the house, but you aren’t likely to hear people exclaim, “Oh, what a strong foundation!” No, they won’t notice the foundation at all, unless they’re buying the house. Then the foundation becomes of utmost importance.

Another characteristic of foundations is their location. In order to support the house, they can’t be on top. They must be underneath, to bear the burden of the house. If the foundation crumbled, the house would fall. Maybe not right away, but slowly it would sink into the ground or topple over.

Foundations must also be well designed and engineered to maintain the weight of the structure. Care must be taken with the foundation, or whatever building rests on it will be doomed.

Little Glamour, Much Worth

The Sabbath School secretary is part of the foundation of the Sabbath School. What you do is done behind the scenes, holding up the Sabbath School the way a foundation holds up a structure. But if you were to stop doing your job, chaos would reign.
It is important for the Sabbath School secretary to know basic skills:

  • Organization.
  • Public speaking.
  • Record keeping.

He or she also needs to know where to go for spiritual nourishment and strength.

The ministry is very demanding. Secretaries receive little recognition and encouragement for their service, because their job isn’t a high-profile position. So, without a strong spiritual life to bear the stress, secretaries can easily be discouraged. Pressure can cause their spiritual “walls” to bow and break.

Location, Location, Location

The wise man didn’t have a strong foundation because he built a house. He had a strong foundation because he built on rock. We are apt to be quite blithe in talking about a “relationship” with Jesus, when in our society today we are hard-pressed to know quite how to define any relationship. 

We may have long-distance relationships with people we meet over the Internet, relationships with people we work with, relationships with family and friends. Each relationship that we build is different. Each is pegged separately on the sliding scale of intimacy we call “closeness.”

Jesus longs to be our most intimate companion. He wants to be the one we confide in with every problem. He wants to be our strength and support in hard times. Relationships are made up of two key ingredients: time and common interests. Our “relationship” with Him will suffer if it is missing either ingredient. We can’t have a relationship with Jesus if we don’t spend sufficient time with Him every day.

There is no shortcut. That is why time is one of our most precious commodities. So to be part of the foundation of the Sabbath School, secretaries can’t afford to skimp in this important area.

As you face your Sabbath School responsibilities this week, determine to be a firm foundation. Build on rock: good skills and an intimate relationship with Jesus.


Céleste perrino Walker
© 2014 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists