Affirmation of Mission

The Four Goals of Sabbath School

  1. Faith—I will grow in personal Christian experience through personal and group Bible study.
  2. Fellowship—I will extend and accept Christian hospitality.
  3. Community—I will work for the spiritual needs of the community.
  4. World Mission—I will financially support missionaries.

The Sabbath School communicates the good news of Jesus Christ with the objective to win, hold, and train men and women for Jesus Christ. These objectives are carried forward through the following four areas of emphasis:


  1. Fostering spiritual growth through regular study of the Word of God and sharing our faith with others. 
  2. Making the saving gospel of Jesus Christ central in all Sabbath School plans, subjects, and programs, ensuring that all activities and materials are Christ-centered, Bible-based, and person-oriented. 
  3. Cultivating the attitude of prayer and devotion on the part of all members.  


  1. Fostering Christian fellowship in every aspect of the weekly Sabbath School program. 
  2. Working together to develop and implement programs and projects for recruiting new members. 
  3. Enlisting the help of all leaders, teachers, and regular members in helping to restore missing church members and absentee Sabbath School members to regular attendance and active participation in the life of the church. 
  4. Carefully nurturing the spiritual interests of newly baptized members.  

Community Outreach

  1. Making every part of the Sabbath School program and class contribute to the Christian experience of each member so that he or she serves as a spiritual magnet to draw others to Christ. 
  2. Making certain that all teaching is soul winning and soul holding in nature. 
  3. Being alert to opening providences that present to the Sabbath School or its individual members opportunities for soul winning.  

World Mission

  1. Maintaining a clear and far-reaching vision of the global mission of the church. 
  2. Constantly fostering in members a desire to serve in spreading the gospel wherever the Lord may lead. 
  3. Teaching and promoting systematic and self-denying stewardship in support of world mission.  

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