The Many Gifts of Bible Study -- June 7, 2014

The Many Gifts of Bible Study


On Sabbath, June 7, 2014, the Seventh-day Adventist Church will emphasize the importance of Bible study in the life of the Christian. Individual churches are encouraged to explore creative ways to study Scripture and apply it to everyday life. Resources on this introductory webpage offer innovative ways for local congregations to make Scripture a more vital part of life.


  • The Honeyguide: a children’s object lesson drawn from nature to show how the Bible serves to bring us closer to the truth in Jesus.
  • Exploring Personal Bible Study: a Sabbath School program that explores the ways in which to experience Scripture and share its gifts with others.
  • The Guide of Life: a sermon for the divine service that surveys the benefits of Bible study and encourages greater appreciation for its blessings.


Training Course for Sabbath School and other Bible-study groups