Be an Emotional Survivor

Tuck these tasty and tiny memory tools into an emotional survival kit, and put it where you will quickly get to it.

Toothpicks: To remind yourself to pick out the good qualities in others and in yourself as well. Self-pity parties are as destructive as focusing on the failings of other people.

Rubber Band: To remind yourself to be flexible. Although things might not work out the way you anticipate, with God in the mix the situation will work out for your good.

Pencil: To remind yourself to count your blessings—perhaps several times an hour if needed.

Eraser: To remind yourself to forgive and forget the sins of other people and once you have made restitution or attempted to repair bonds that you have broken, to also forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Yours are also forgivable and forgettable.

Chewing Gum: To remind yourself to stick to your goals and not to wander into other interests or other people’s business.

A Mint: To remind yourself that you are worth a mint—although you are mostly composed of water.

Candy Kiss: To remind yourself that like everyone else, you need hugs and kisses every day.

A Small Paper Cross: To remind yourself to relax and to go over that list every day.

© 2014 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists