Organized From A to Z

Attend Sabbath School Council meetings and take minutes.

Be sure to check each Sabbath School’s record cards to see that they are complete. If a particular teacher or leader always leaves the card incomplete, you may need to give a few gentle reminders.

Count and record the offerings from all Sabbath School classes. Give the money to the church treasurer.

Distribute and collect class record cards, offering envelopes, and personal ministries report blanks.

Enter all weekly statistics—membership, weekly attendance, and offerings—into the Sabbath School record book.

Fill in any omissions in the Sabbath School record cards.

Get a receipt from the church treasurer once you have turned in all the Sabbath School funds.

Hang on to those receipts! Put them in a safe place. No one wants to be involved in a “What happened to the missing Sabbath School offerings?” fiasco. Accurate record keeping can prevent that.

Inform Sabbath School members of their progress. Talk about trends, plans, and achievements in your regular secretary’s report.

Jump into your job! It’s sometimes easy to see the task of keeping records and making reports as one of the less “glamorous” jobs in the Sabbath School, but it’s your hard work behind the scenes that ensures that things will run smoothly. Be enthusiastic.

Keep an accurate record of offerings in your Sabbath School record book. Make sure special offerings are recorded separately: Thirteenth Sabbath, Birthday-Thank, Investment, etc.

Learn to be comfortable in front of an audience. Much of your work is behind the scenes, but you will be making monthly or quarterly reports to the Sabbath School and to the whole church. If you suffer from fear of public speaking, find a book, video, or mentor to help conquer it!

Make quarterly and yearly summaries of Sabbath School records to present at church business meetings.

Names, names, names! Focus on the names as you keep track of the membership cards for all Sabbath School classes. Match those names to faces. Then use your knowledge to make people feel at home and welcome in Sabbath School.

Order all Sabbath School supplies. These will be requested by the leaders of each division, and authorized by the Sabbath School Council. Are you or the personal ministries secretary responsible for placing the actual order?

Preserve all your records so that they will be ready to pass on to your successor when it’s time for someone else to fill your shoes. They can also be used in historical programs and anniversary activities.

Quarterly reports are needed by your local conference or mission. Compile an accurate Sabbath School report each quarter. Turn it in on time.

Request whatever free supplies are needed and available from your conference’s Sabbath School Department.

See that your assistants know their duties and can perform them comfortably and correctly when you are absent. Develop a team spirit. Applaud their support. Celebrate.

Transfer the names of all class members to the new “Sabbath School Class Record and Directory” each year or to the “Class Record Card” each quarter.

Understand the letter and the spirit of the secretarial ministry.

Vocalize and verbalize. When you must make reports, practice ahead of time. Focus on speaking clearly and concisely so that your audience is comfortable listening to your report and can clearly understand you. Practice, practice, practice.

Welcome people to Sabbath School. OK, this is not officially your job—it’s probably the task of a greeter, guestbook attendant, deacon, or deaconess. So support the greeter with your personal greetings and help as needed.

’Xpect the best from everyone you work with. Praise them. Nurture them. In return, give your best to your ministry.

You’re doing a great job! Trust God. Minister with confidence.

Zealously perform all your duties—go the extra mile!

Trudy J. Morgan-Cole
© 2014 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists