Let's Be Creative

Creative Sabbath School teachers may use graphics and manipulatives, but there are many other ways to keep the interest level high in Sabbath School. Look over the following list of teaching methods. Which ones haven’t you used in a while? If you are not familiar with the list, check with your local teaching and business professionals. Ask them to mentor you.

  1. Lecture. Be well organized. Use vocal variety. Support your presentation with visuals and handouts.
  2. Storytelling. No one told a story better than Jesus. Thousands ignored hunger pains and the hot sun to hear His stories because they taught them lessons they never forgot. Check your library or Adventist Book Center to find guidelines. Search the Web. 
  3. Reports. Ask your study audience, your researchers, to add to the class study by providing details, verbal and/or written, about the socioeconomic conditions or culture of the subjects in the Bible study. 
  4. Memorization. Let your members share this gift with the class. Senior citizens with excellent recall are a real source of inspiration.
  5. Communication. Put the topic of study in modern scenarios and ask students to apply the insights they learned during their weekly study to these examples of how Bible themes apply today.
  6. Panel. Some topics of discussion lend themselves to an organized pro-and-con discussion.
  7. Instructive Play. Games can work for adults. Adapt well-known games to the Bible topics.
  8.  Music. Many well-known hymns and gospel songs are based on Bible texts and stories. As you cover these themes, be prepared to sing or play the music. Brain specialists say that the more different ways a subject is approached, the greater the retention and use. The quarterly theme songs published in the January, April, July, and October issues of Sabbath School Leadership are given to you for this purpose.
  9.  Humility. Divide the class into small groups that discuss an issue and report to the larger group.
  10.  Responsibility. Assign students to interview people and report back to the class verbally or in writing.

Creative Christians

As class members labor together and share their creations, a number of things happen:

  1. Spiritual truths become concrete realities.
  2. Members expose their vulnerabilities and find affirmation.
  3. Enthusiasm replaces boredom and alienation.
  4. Active learning predominates because the whole person is engaged with God!

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