How to Keep in Touch

The Extension Division provides Sabbath School membership for all members who cannot attend Sabbath School at their home church, because of illness or other circumstance. You can, quite literally, “keep in touch.” So we’re providing some help:

  1. A report form.
  2. Encouragement to report to your conference Sabbath School director.
  3. A program agenda.

Here is a sample agenda that you can use when taking Sabbath School into private homes and nursing facilities:

  1. Sing together.
  2. Pray together.
  3. Share the world missions report.
  4. Receive offerings.
  5. Engage in the lesson study. Encourage everyone to participate as much as possible, helping each person pray to use the lesson principles for their personal growth and to share principles with other people.
  6. Sing the closing song.
  7. Benediction

At the end of the quarter, please send your completed report form to the Sabbath School director in your conference. This form also provides information that is useful for your reports to the Sabbath School.

Barbara Jolly
© 2014 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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