"Tell the World: In the Community" -- May 10, 2014

Tell the World: In the Community

On Sabbath, May 10, 2014, the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be focusing on the role of community services in the local congregation. Every individual church is offered the opportunity on that day to delve into ways in which it may serve the needs of its community as a means of expressing God’s love. The links on this introductory webpage offer innovative resources for possible implementation of this important program.


  • Cast Your Pig Upon the Waters: a children’s story to introduce the importance of kindness as a means of demonstrating God’s love in the community.
  • Get Out: a Sabbath School program that outlines the biblically based reasons for outreach in the community.
  • Called to Serve: a sermon for the divine service that provides a solid theological presentation of the need for the church to be involved in servant evangelism.
  • Called to Serve: an accompanying PowerPoint® presentation for the sermon.


  • Keys to Adventist Community Services: an introductory booklet for creating an organized response to the needs in your community.
  • How to Be a Good Farmer - Even in a City: an article that explores the importance of community services as an integral part of local church outreach.
  • Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat: an inspiring story of how a few individuals were able to transform a whole community for the better and what lessons Adventists can learn. (This concept may also work well as an illustration in a children’s story.)
  • Is Your Church a River Church: an article presenting the idea that even though your church may seem to have little impact in your community, its healing waters can grow and grow, bringing life wherever they flow.

There are many additional resources that may be of assistance in planning and presenting “Tell the World – In the Community.” Visit: http://www.sabbathschoolpersonalministries.org/article/7