"Tell the World: Personal Outreach" -- February 1, 2014

Tell the World: Personal Outreach


The Seventh-day Adventist Church has set aside Sabbath, February 1, 2014, as a time for every local church to focus on witness and service in the local community. It is intended to inspire and equip each church member to grow as disciples and make new disciples in compelling, creative ways. The resources offered on this page are provided for leaders in the local church to introduce and galvanize their congregations in personal ministry.



Nails or Spices: a full Sabbath School program to emphasize the unique spiritual gifts that each member may contribute to the ministry of the local church.

Be an Icebreaker: an object lesson for children to illustrate the importance of witness for all members—of whatever age.

God Is Working: a full sermon for the divine service that outlines the centrality of outreach in the life of a disciple.



Motivating Members to Witness: a pamphlet to serve as a guide in inspiring greater involvement. 

Door-to-Door Visitation: a step-by-step guide to practical and specific techniques for witness in one’s community. 

Keys to Personal Witnessing: a comprehensive outline of effective elements of sharing one’s personal relationship with Jesus. 

New Beginnings DVD Evangelism: a training package for the creative utilization of the New Beginnings resource with friends and loved ones.