Care Packages They Will Crave

One way for a Sabbath School class -- or an individual -- to become involved in foreign missions is to adopt a missionary somewhere in the world and become his or her support team back home. Here is one former missionary's observations on this idea:

During six years of cross-cultural ministry in Asia, I learned through happy experience what makes a great care package for a missionary. Size is immaterial. One of my favorite care packages was a chocolate candy bar tucked inside a letter. It was destroyed by the heat and humidity of the place I was serving, but no less cherished. Less fragile ideas include:

  • taped sermons (music to the ears of those who listen to sermons delivered in another language)
  • music cassettes, sheet music holiday decorations (Not all countries celebrate the same holidays you do.)
  • packaged food -- chili seasoning, jello, instant soups, muffin mixes, chewing gum, herb tea bags
  • reminders of home -- a souvenir T-shirt, a scenic calendar, a home-team sports cap
  • comic strips and editorial cartoons from the local newspaper collections of greeting cards
  • simple toys like balsa-wood airplanes, paper dolls, stickers, puzzles
  • photos
  • recipes
  • cosmetics
  • magazines
  • adult and children's books
  • hobby supplies
  • plastic containers and "zippered" plastic bags
  • travel-sized toiletries
  • Number One Most Coveted Care Package Item: chocolate chips

This article originally appeared in Discipleship Journal. Reprinted by permission.

Sue Kline
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