A Month for Missions

Ask most Christians if they would like to be more involved in world missions, and the answer would probably be yes. Often the lack of a concrete plan is what keeps them from putting that desire into action. The following plan provides a step-by-step outline for meaningful ministry to someone living overseas (though it’s probably too involved to be implemented more than once a year).

Day 01 - Choose a missionary family to be your “missionaries of the month.” 1

Day 02 - Plan your month’s activities, listing one activity for each day.

Day 03 - Put the missionary’s prayer card in a prominent place. If you can’t obtain one, post the names of the family members.

Day 04 - Learn something new about the country where they minister. 2

Day 05 - Starting today, set aside a time each day to pray for your missionaries.

Day 06 - Pray that God would open doors of opportunity (Col. 4:3).

Day 07 - If you know their birthdays or anniversaries, purchase cards, address them, and set them aside to be mailed. Put reminders on your calendar so that you mail them on time.

Day 08 - Review recent prayer letters. List specific prayer needs to remember, and post the list with the missionary’s prayer card.

Day 09 - Begin purchasing items for a care package.

Day 10 - Send an e-mail to the family.

Day 11 - Pray that their ministry will be well received (Rom. 15:31).

Day 12 - Make a food item from the country where they minister. 2

Day 13 - Write a letter to be included in the care package.

Day 14 - Call a friend and pray together for a specific (non-confidential) prayer request for your missionaries.

Day 15 - Pray that they may boldly share the gospel (Eph. 6:19).

Day 16 - Learn a few simple words from the language where they minister, and practice them throughout the day. 3

Day 17 - Check out a library book about the country where they minister.

Day 18 - Pray about making a special financial gift.

Day 19 - Make a homemade gift to add to the care package.

Day 20 - Find and listen to music in the missionary’s field language. 4

Day 21 - If any prayer requests involve needs for Bibles or materials, consider purchasing some and adding them to the care package.

Day 22 - Pray for protection (2 Thess. 3:2).

Day 23 - Spend a mealtime fasting and in prayer for the missionary.

Day 24 - Make an audiocassette, including personal messages and greetings, prayers, and your attempts to speak in their field language.

Day 25 - Make a copy of your calendar to add to the care package so they can see how you spent your month.

Day 26 - Pray that God’s Word would not be inhibited and that people would be saved (Rom. 10:1; 2 Thess. 3:1).

Day 27-29 - Use these days to make up any activities that you missed.

Day 30 - Mail your care package.

  1. You can find a missionary family to support at http://www.adventistmission.org
  2. Your local library has many resources. Or visit Operation World’s country links at www.gmi.org/ow/updates/website.html.
  3. Ibid. 
  4. Ibid.

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Kathy Kelly
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