The Value of Questionnaires

When beginning a new teaching series, I have found it helpful to have the members fill out a questionnaire during our first session. The questions deal with the subject matter I will be teaching. For example, if I were about to teach a class on church history, I might ask:

  • Name three main leaders in the Reformation.
  • What were some changes that were brought about by the Reformation?
  • Name the German pastor who was executed for being part of a plot to overthrow Hitler.

The responses help me gauge how much the class members already understand the subject matter. I then adjust my teaching accordingly, spending more time on weaker areas and less time on areas with which everyone seems familiar.

In the final class session, I hand out a questionnaire that allows the members to evaluate the value of the class and the effectiveness of my teaching skills. It also allows them to suggest topics of interest for upcoming classes. Since I want honest answers, I don’t require class members to sign their names.

Questionnaires like these have been invaluable in helping me improve my teaching skills and keep my teaching both biblical and relevant.

John Green
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists