Multiple Intelligences

Recent brain research is reporting some intriguing ideas about how we learn. Among other things, educators have found value in Howard Gardner’s exploration of multiple intelligences. Dr. Gardner has pointed out that though most individuals have at least some of each of the intelligences, usually he or she has unusual ability to understand and appreciate new information in one or two of them: one person may be highly perceptive musically; another may be unusually skilled mathematically; yet another may be especially insightful linguistically. In the past, the emphasis on adult religious education has focused most on verbal/linguistic intelligence. As you provide creative alternative ideas for learning, utilize as many of the following approaches and materials as possible:

Intelligence Activities and Materials/Products

  • Visual/Spatial -- Draw, doodle, paint, design, sketch, graph, map, chart, view, layout, photograph, videotape, color code, diagram, decorate. Materials/Products: posters, paintings, drawings, maps, graphs, collages, montages.
  • Logical/Mathematical -- Analyze, rank, organize, compare, contrast, evaluate, test, experiment, count, measure, differentiate, calculate, compute. Materials/Products: calculators, science equipment, puzzles, computers.
  • Verbal/Linguistic -- Read, write, listen, e-mail, discuss, debate, tell, present, research, report, rephrase, memorize, explain, refute. Materials/Products: books, periodicals, tape recorders, typewriters, word processers.
  • Musical/Rhythmic -- Play, perform, sing, whistle, hum, listen, beat, compose, record. Materials/Products: instruments, concerts, CD’s, tape recorders, tapes, songbooks, computers.
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic -- Sculpt, role-play, perform, dance, march, walk, exercise, cook/bake, touch, gesture, build, carve, construct, weave. Materials/Products: clay, building tools, drama, foods.
  • Interpersonal/Social -- Interact, contact, interview, share, organize, collaborate, cooperate, celebrate, brainstorm, network, tutor. Materials/Products: board games, video, film, communications tools, parties.
  • Intrapersonal/Introspective -- Meditate, think, plan, pray, plot, journal, reflect, envision, self-assess, goal-set, learn, review. Materials/Products: journals, self-checking materials, seminars, autobiographies.
  • Natural/Environmental -- Observe, apply, collect, study, garden, forecast, bird watch, classify, categorize, document. Materials/Products: plants, trees, mammals, birds, insects, rocks, water, soil, stars, clouds.

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