Get Them Into the Word

Repeatedly teachers and students ask how to get the Bible study discussion into the Bible and out of the Bible study guide. Many members are dismayed about the imbalance between Bible study and banter about personal opinion. Perhaps some of these ideas can help resolve the problem.

General Topic Quiz
Prepare a Bible quiz on general Bible information -- such as faith, love, peace. Give the quiz as an icebreaker at the beginning of the class. Go through answers as a group and invite volunteers to offer answers -- based on specific scriptural references. Note that there's a trend that Christians cannot find answers to simple Bible questions. Say this trend can be avoided in "our class" by our commitment to the following:

  • Setting spiritual priorities.
  • Reading the Bible daily.
  • Reading the right resources.
  • Singing hymns and other gospel-based songs.
  • Committing to regular personal prayer.
  • Doing personal witnessing.
  • Mentoring one another, as in Sabbath School classes.

Bible Activities

  • At a class-only potluck, precede the meal with a Bible quiz. Facilitate a lively discussion about the quiz in light of reports that many Christians can no longer answer basic, simple Bible questions. As a group, have participants research or confirm answers directly in their own Bibles.
  • At the beginning of class, give a lesson-based Bible quiz on the current week's study -- “Please number your paper from 1 to 10,” etc.
  • Copy a picture that relates to the lesson, cut it up, and have students reassemble the pieces manually or by suggesting where to place numbered puzzle pieces on an overhead or PowerPoint screen.
  • Throughout the lesson, exhibit tangrams, a Chinese puzzle consisting of a square cut into five triangles, a square, and a rhomboid, to be reassembled into different figures. The tangrams should reflect significant thoughts in the lesson. Have the class assem­ble pieces and find the related text.

Bulletin Board
Schedule classes to graphically illustrate the Bible verse of their choice as a bulletin display.

Frame Them
The Review and Herald Publishing Association has posted framed Bible texts throughout the company. Work with the Sabbath School Council to select some texts, print and frame them, and then put them up in every classroom and hall.

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