Bible Learning Activities

“Let the activities of the scholars find scope in solving the problems of Bible truth” (Counsels on Sabbath School Work, p. 114).

Here are four effective Bible-learning activities that require the learners to do something besides being passive:

  • Agree-disagree exercises are nonthreatening and involve everyone in the key issues. Prepare a series of opinion statements based on the lesson. Supply paper and pencils, and ask your class members to number from one to ten. Read a statement and have the class respond by circling a number (1 = strongly disagree; 10 = strongly agree). The statements should be penetrating, challenging the higher thought processes. These statements then become the basis of class discussion.
  • Bible paraphrasing helps learners discover meanings and implications. Have learners rewrite a key text from the lesson in their own words. Allow about five minutes for the activity. Have volunteers read their paraphrase.
  • Neighbor nudging helps keep the discussion alive for the entire class session. Each class member is asked to discuss with a neighbor a thought question for two or three minutes. Then ask for a response from each pair.
  • Depth Bible encounters lead learners to examine their lives in relation to the Scriptures. Select a key verse from the lesson that calls for a change in thinking or lifestyle. Ask learners to respond in writing to the question “If I took this Bible passage seriously, what changes would I have to make in my life?”

Kurt Johnson
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists