Things That Mattered

Our Sabbath School class went for a retreat that was away from civilization as we know it (and this was in India), spent time getting to know each other, and defined the purpose of our coming together each week. We worked out these projects and guidelines that we all wanted to get involved in:

  • Give devotionals based on personal experiences or something that came out of our study of the Bible. We plan to bind these into a keepsake book of our time together in the study of God.
  • Distribute anonymous care notes/packages to encourage people who may have had a bad day/week.
  • Create a Web page for our Sabbath School class to visit and share with family (some of whom are not Adventists). The site offers a nice option for groups.
  • Hold secular events guided by Christian principles: barbecues, video events, music afternoons, outings.
  • Get to know each other outside Sabbath School class. This has strengthened a lot of us. Friendship is a wonderful thing. Friendship, through understanding Christ, is even better!
  • Maintain a network of support and accountability. Most of us have gotten by on people‚Äôs forgiving our consistent straying, but this group will hold each other (gently) accountable to the principles we learn from our studies together.
  • Have fun! Have worship-based events targeted specifically to people in our age group. At these events we invite people in our community and our age group to join.
  • Work on community projects targeted to members of a minority community in the area or a community of another religion. No strings or hidden agendas. We just do stuff for people who never heard of Adventists before and have never been blessed by Christian friendship -- people we would never have thought of before.

Falvo Fowler
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists