Suggestions for New Superintendents

A goal is an end toward which effort is directed. The new Sabbath School superintendent should consider these essential need

  • Always begin your program on time. Allow one minute for walking onto the platform.
  • Take time personally to check the record cards given to you by the Sabbath School secretary. Make sure that those who are absent are being cared for either by the Sabbath School teacher or by your visitation superintendent. It is your responsibility to see that all absent members are reached, preferably by a personal visit. Work with the Sabbath School teachers and the secretary in this respect if you do not have a visitation superintendent.
  • Check occasionally with your extension division secretary to make sure that his or her needs are cared for. Every quarter this secretary should be given an opportunity to report on extension members.
  • A successful Sabbath School superintendent will always give program participants ample time to do their parts well. Special music should be lined up one month ahead of time.
  • Submit your Sabbath School program material for the church bulletin on time. Promptness is the key word for the Sabbath School.
  • Remember that the Sabbath School is one of the greatest soul-winning agencies. Do not weaken it by neglecting regular teachers’ and council meetings. It will take much prayer and effort on the part of every Sabbath School officer to make the Sabbath School what God would have it to be.

Superintendents are supposed to take responsibility and make decisions within the limits of their work. Remember, leaders are judged by what they accomplish.

Keep a list of the jobs to be done in the Sabbath School. Review the list often. Are there areas where special attention is needed? Is attendance growing in all divisions? What about missing members?

What about the Sabbath School program? Is it interesting and appealing? Do the participants stay within the allotted time so that the teachers have adequate time? In your overall Sabbath School program, keep a balance between fellowship and study.

Are offerings for missions on the increase?

Are regular teachers’ meetings held? Many Sabbath Schools are finding that 9:00 a.m. on Sabbath mornings or an hour before prayer meetings are good times for teachers’ meetings.

Include these goals in your long-range planning:

  • Have fun. Plan for an annual Sabbath School picnic. Be sure to have it entered on the official church calendar of events.
  • Establish a pool of effective storytellers. Conduct monthly storytelling classes to enable established and new storytellers to network and practice.
  • Plan to lead someone to Christ through the Vacation Bible School program.
  • Schedule an annual appreciation day for teachers, assistant superintendents, musicians, secretaries, and supportive members.
  • Establish a yearly Investment goal. Encourage the promotion of Investment in the individual classes as well as in the monthly program.

Arthur E. Morgan
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists