Visual Prayers

Shaped Prayers 

This idea can be adapted for different themes.

Each person is given a piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser and invited to create a prayer that is written within a certain shape. For example, a prayer of love for God could be written to create a heart shape. The prayer could be written on parallel lines within the shape, or around the edge of a shape, or it could be in a spiral from the outside of the shape to the middle. If the paper were large enough, lots of hearts could be created, scattered across the paper, each heart being a different thought about God’s love. A prayer for forgiveness could be written in a cross shape.

Encourage creativity!

If class members are comfortable with the idea, some of these could create a display in the room, in a prayer corner, or in the church lobby.

Emoticon Prayers 

Emoticons are little yellow faces that are available on some computer messaging services. There are many of these and they have different facial expressions to suit all kinds of emotions.

Use the computer to copy and paste a wide range of emoticons onto one piece of paper, and enlarge the faces so that they are about 1 inch (2.5cm) across.

Give each class member a copy of this sheet, in color if possible. Supply scissors, glue sticks, paper, and pens and have group members write a prayer, using emoticons to illustrate the feelings in the prayer, sticking the faces amongst the words in the appropriate places.

It would be helpful to show an example of how this might work as some people are unfamiliar with emoticons.

Road Sign Prayers 

Using a computer or photocopier, make large copies of a range of different road signs. Organize the class into threes or fours and distribute the road signs among the groups.

Have the groups write short prayers of no more than a few sentences that have been inspired by the road sign. When each group has finished, stick the road signs on the wall with the prayers next to them so that they may be seen.

Nature Poster Prayers 

For this prayer you will need a very large poster of a nature scene, preferably one with lots of different details, such as a mountain scene with a stream, flowers, trees, etc. You may be able to find posters like these in travel bureaus or from foreign embassies or educational suppliers. If you have a large group, you may wish to find several large nature posters to use.

Place the posters on the wall and provide the group with lots of sticky notes and pens. Have them look at the picture for a while and see what prayers it inspires. These prayers can be written on the sticky notes and stuck onto the picture on the object that inspired the prayer. So a prayer inspired by the stream would be stuck on the stream. A prayer inspired by the scene generally could be stuck anywhere there is space.

When everyone has finished, someone could read the prayers aloud. Alternatively, each person could read their prayers aloud as they stick them on the scene.

If you can’t find a suitable poster you might use a projected image instead.

Karen Holford
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists