Prayer in a Basket

We pack fruit baskets, Easter baskets, and picnic baskets. Why not stuff a basket with a week’s worth of “prayer” and deliver it to someone in need of a lift? A bit of creativity combined with caring words can go a long way toward making someone’s day brighter.

Rajka, a Bosnian refugee who came to America with her husband and two sons last year, has struggled to find work and master the English language. In addition to losing her job as a university professor, Rajka left her brother and parents in Yugoslavia. She also lost her home. I wanted to encourage her with a prayer basket.

MONDAY I wrote out a prayer for Rajka’s work to go well and for her to sense God’s presence throughout the day. I tucked a small amount of money inside the prayer card so she could go out to lunch.

TUESDAY This day’s prayer asked God to provide strength, wisdom, and discernment for Rajka. I taped a Power Bar to Tuesday’s prayer card.

WEDNESDAY I copied several encouraging verses and wrote a prayer asking God to fill Rajka with joy and a sense that the Holy Spirit was blowing like a wind around her. The prayer card was attached to a hand-held fan I had purchased at a dollar store.

THURSDAY For this day, I enclosed a book marker with a satin rope tassel and a list of encouraging Bible passages. I asked God to bind my friend close to His heart.

FRIDAY Thank God it’s Friday, or, simply, thank God. I wrote a prayer thanking the Lord for all the ways Rajka uses her gifts to honor Him and witness to those around her. Then I tossed in a coupon for treats at an ice cream shop.

SATURDAY A day for worship. I gave Rajka a little wooden church my husband had carved. We also invited her to lunch.

SUNDAY Weekends are often spent with family. Since Rajka’s loved ones are far away, I wrote out a prayer, asking the Lord to keep them safe. I copied a small map of Yugoslavia and a red heart with the words “God knows” at the spot where Rajka’s family lives.

Whatever you place into your prayer basket (or shoe box, tackle box, or other useful container), be prepared to enjoy the blessing God returns to you!

Rhonda Reese
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists