Awareness of God Prayers

Qualities of God prayers

God has a wonderfully rich character, filled with many different qualities that we often tend to overlook. He is a God who . . .

  • Creates a feast for us (Ps. 23:5)
  • Remembers we are dust (Ps. 103:14)
  • Rejoices over us (Zeph. 3:17)
  • Sings over us (verse 17)
  • Comforts us (2 Cor. 1:3, 4)

You can find many other qualities of God throughout the Bible, so choose the ones that suit your needs or the theme of the day.

Organize the class into small groups and give each group a piece of paper with a quality of God and the corresponding Bible text written on it. Have them explore what this characteristic tells them about God and consider how they might pray to God as they focus on this one specific quality. Then encourage the groups to pray together with this focus in mind.

After this activity, have volunteers from each group discuss what was learned and experienced.

Throne room prayer 

When we pray, we often talk about coming before the very throne of God, and this is a way of adding a new dimension to the prayer. For a special event and a creative group, make the effort to create a simulated throne room, and experience God as King.

For this activity you will need a grand-looking golden chair for a throne, several yards of red velvet, luxurious drapes, or a rich velvet throw, a spotlight, and a smoke machine.

Place the chair on a platform, covered with the velvet, and with a vapor machine hidden under the chair. Shine the spotlight from behind the chair, so that the lamp can’t be seen. This is best done in a darkened room. If you have tall candle stands, use them around the throne too, and add any other props that would add to the theme of a royal throne.

If possible meet outside the room that you have prepared and set the scene by reading aloud Revelation 1:10, 12-18.

Invite the group to imagine that they have come before the throne of God to pray in any way they wish. Then usher the group into the imaginary throne room of God, perhaps with the recording of a trumpet fanfare.

Close the time with another fanfare, turn on the room lights, and talk about the experience.

Love chapter prayer 

This prayer is based on the characteristics of God expressed as love through the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13.

Use large pieces of flipchart paper and write on the top of each piece of paper one of the following sentences:

  • God is patient with you.
  • God is kind to you.
  • God is humble with you.
  • God is courteous and graceful toward you.
  • God is unselfish with you.
  • God soothes you.
  • God doesn’t think evil of you.
  • God rejoices in good news about you.
  • God bears all your burdens.
  • God believes the best about you.
  • God has the greatest hopes for you.
  • God endures everything for you.

Invite the group to go around the room as individuals, responding to God’s love toward them by writing words or drawing pictures on the flipchart papers.

Afterwards encourage the group to talk about their experiences in twos and threes and pray that each will experience God’s amazing love in their lives every day.

Reminders of God 

Paul invites us to pray continually and this can have different meanings. One meaning could be that He is inviting us to remember that we live in the very presence of God every day.

Provide a selection of the following things, arranged in bowls, and invite group members to take one item to keep in their pocket all week to remind them of God’s relationship with them. Tell the group that they will be invited to share their experiences and ideas the next time you meet together.

  • Nails (God sent Jesus to die for me.)
  • Cotton balls (God comforts me.)
  • Safety pin (God holds me together.)
  • Heart-shaped button, etc. (God loves me.)
  • Bandage (God heals me.)
  • Handkerchief (God wipes away all my tears.)

You may have other ideas of your own you can add to these. This could be an ongoing activity, in which group members might like to take different items each week or to bring in some of their own items.

Karen Holford
© 2004 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists