Ready for Action

Your Sabbath School class can be a place where believers prepare themselves for witnessing opportunities. Try some of these ideas to encourage and equip yourselves for evangelism.

Tag-team Witnessing
Appoint a member of your group who is good at playing the devil’s advocate to role-play the unbeliever. A group member tries to witness to this “non-Christian.” If he or she gets stumped, another group member who thinks he has the answer can “tag” the witness and take over. The key to this exercise is a skilled devil’s advocate.

Brainstorm a list of words that Christians use but that non-Christians would either misunderstand or not know at all. Record your answers on a chalkboard or flipchart. Next have class members write a one-page explanation of how to become a Christian -- without using any of these words. Expect a struggle as you try to communicate spiritual truth in everyday language. Read your compositions aloud and discuss how you can make your explanations even easier to understand.

Postal Service
Have each group member write a letter to a fictional friend or relative who thinks he or she is a religious person. Explain what it means to be a Christian. Address questions such as, Why is being a moral person not enough? Why do some Christians live immoral lives? Are Christians too narrow-minded? What difference does Jesus make in your life? Read and discuss your letters.

Write two-page descriptions of what led each of you to become Christians. What people, books, events, etc., influenced you? What barriers did you face? What doubts? How did your life change after you met Christ? Discuss your stories as a group. Try to anticipate questions that non-Christians would ask of you.

John Green
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists