One Hundred Ways to Be Kind

Sometimes outreach can be very simple; just by being kind to others we can show what God has done for us. Here’s a list of everyday ways to show kindness to others. They can be projects for individuals or for Sabbath School classes.

  1. Smile and speak kindly to everyone you meet.
  2. Give fruit.
  3. Give a bag of groceries.
  4. Bake a loaf of bread and give it to a neighbor.
  5. Carry a meal to a sick or elderly person.
  6. Visit a sick or shut-in person.
  7. Send greeting cards to sick and shut-ins.
  8. Always give preference to neighbors.
  9. Do laundry for the sick.
  10. Clean house for the sick and shut-ins.
  11. Offer to pay bills for the sick.
  12. Take them to pay their bills.
  13. Speak an encouraging word in person or on the phone.
  14. Write an encouraging letter.
  15. Go on an errand for a neighbor.
  16. Help someone fix a flat tire.
  17. Cut grass for elderly or handicapped people.
  18. Provide transportation for those who need it.
  19. Take a sick person to the hospital.
  20. Visit persons in prison.
  21. Offer to babysit for a neighbor.
  22. Send a neighbor a card when you are on vacation.
  23. Call your neighbors and inquire how they are doing.
  24. Make friendly visits and get acquainted with neighbors.
  25. Be sympathetic and help neighbors during bereavement.
  26. Take time to listen to others’ problems.
  27. Visit non-Christian relatives more often.
  28. Welcome newcomers into the neighborhood.
  29. Invite neighbors to a family outing.
  30. Offer neighbors the use of your phone in an emergency.
  31. Compliment neighbors on their yard, flowers, and home.
  32. Praise the good qualities of your neighbors.
  33. Loan items to neighbors as necessary.
  34. Assist a blind person.
  35. Assist handicapped individuals.
  36. Share clothing with the needy.
  37. Offer emergency lodging to those in need.
  38. Be sensitive to needs of relatives and friends.
  39. Invite neighbors and relatives to dinner.
  40. Invite neighbors to your home for a social gathering.
  41. Assist neighbors in various projects.
  42. Look for ways to be helpful in little things.
  43. Be especially kind to the lonely.
  44. Be especially kind to the aged.
  45. Show appreciation for others’ kindnesses.
  46. Share garden produce with your neighbor.
  47. Help your neighbor to wash their car.
  48. Offer to repair a broken object.
  49. Sew or repair a garment for a neighbor.
  50. Share information that may be helpful.
  51. Offer to check neighbors’ mail in their ab­sence.
  52. Offer to watch neighbors’ children while they are shopping.
  53.  Help a neighbor with a stalled car.
  54. Shovel snow for elderly or handicapped.
  55. Attend neighborhood club meetings and offer your services.
  56. Aid in neighborhood projects.
  57. Offer to stay with handicapped or sick person when needed.
  58. Offer to watch neighbors’ homes while they are away.
  59. Provide babysitting for neighbors.
  60. Provide refreshments on neighbors’ moving day.
  61. Prepare neighbors’ first meal on moving day.
  62. Maintain good relations by keeping up your property.
  63. Offer to receive packages from the postman for your neighbors.
  64. Offer to transport neighbors to or from the airport or train station.
  65. Bring your neighbor a souvenir from your vacation.
  66. Visit neighbors and relatives in the hospital.
  67. Prepare a dish of food for a bereaved family.
  68. Write letters or read for the disabled or elderly.
  69. Help a neighbor prepare and plant a garden.
  70. Help persons carry groceries.
  71. Give your seat to an elderly or handicapped person.
  72. Offer to make or receive phone calls for bereaved persons.
  73. Offer to keep children or keep house during a funeral.
  74. Remember birthdays and anniversaries of neighbors and relatives.
  75. Rake leaves for neighbors.
  76. Be sensitive and listen to the needs and concerns of youth.
  77. Surprise an out-of-town student with a package of treats.
  78. Read the Bible, sing, and pray with the sick and elderly.
  79. Feed parking meters that are about to expire.
  80. Take someone to lunch.
  81. Give flowers to cheer someone up.
  82. Say “Hello” to strangers.
  83. Invite friends and neighbors to church services and events.
  84. Share a small gift with those who are sick.
  85. Let another person go first.
  86. Give a balloon to a child.
  87. Offer to help a mother get her children ready for Sabbath School.
  88. Conduct a neighborhood children’s story hour.
  89. Offer to transport children to Vacation Bible School.
  90. Give an appropriate book or booklet to a bereaved family.
  91. Always find something good to say to others.
  92. Encourage a child.
  93. Tutor a student.
  94. Be a good listener.
  95. Help sponsor a child to a youth camp or other special events.
  96. Pay for someone’s clothes to be washed in the laundromat.
  97. Study the Bible with interested persons.
  98. Write or send literature to those in jail or prison.
  99. During holidays, give a generous tip to the mailman.
  100. Invite handicapped and elderly persons to holiday dinners.

W.C. Scales, Jr.
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists