An Investment in Learning

One way your Sabbath School class can directly impact lives is by setting aside money each month to purchase books, videos, tapes, and other resources to share with others.

Check with your community and/or school libraries about the procedures for donating material. Then select quality Christian videos, books, and books on tape. Your investment can have an ongoing effect in your community. For example, your class could sponsor subscriptions to health publications such as Listen, Winner, and Vibrant Life.

Another ministry is to provide resources to Christian workers, such as youth pastors, who often operate under tight budget constraints. I have acquired a small collection of videos that I loan to youth workers to use with the kids. 

Don’t overlook a year-round gift of encouragement and inspiration for the class to share among its own members -- a magazine subscription. When a small group pools its resources in this way to invest in the lives of others, the dividends far exceed the cost.

John Green
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists