Sing with the Angels

Many Sabbath School members desire a revival of the song service. Here are some suggestions for reviving the musical praise in Sabbath School:

  1. Choose hymns that relate to the theme of the Sabbath School lessons. Hymnbooks have many familiar hymns that echo lesson themes. Many of these hymnbooks also include topical indexes that are helpful in this process.
  2. Use variety in participation. Even small congregations have many possibilities for varying the unison singing. These include singing a capella, singing in rounds, singing in the spirit of the piece (solemnly, softly, lively, etc.), and each member singing in their vocal range. You might be surprised to find that your congregation sounds like a choir. An Adventist from North America, who conducted a series of workshops in South Africa, gloried in the fact that Sabbath School members entered the Sabbath School at the appointed time, singing a capella, singing in parts, sounding like a choir.
  3. Sing intelligibly. Angels “delight to hear the simple songs of praise sung in a natural tone. The songs in which every word is uttered clearly . . . are the songs that they join us in singing. They take up the refrain that is sung from the heart” (Evangelism, p. 510). You really can sing with the angels!

Rose Chestnut
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists