Nine Ideas for Global Mission

To get people in our Sabbath School classes involved in the church around the world, we must stir them to think about global realities, cross-cultural relation­ships, and a world much bigger than our own.

In the Sabbath School class:

  1. Turn down the back collars of shirts, blouses, and sweaters, and pray for the countries represented by the labels in your clothes.
  2. Identify and pray for neighbors and coworkers who are internationals. If no one in your group knows such people, look up foreign-sounding names in the community phone book, and pray for these people by name.
  3. Identify and pray for neighbors and coworkers who are members of other world religions: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.
  4. Listen to a short-wave radio broadcasting the gospel through Trans World Radio, HCJB (Ecuador), or other global transmission ministries.
  5. Get an up-to-date map, choose a country per meeting, and pray for Christians living in those countries.

Outside the Sabbath School class

  1. Take a group field trip to a local mosque, Hindu temple, or synagogue, and try to interview the religious leader. Don’t make this an evangelistic effort, but simply learn about the beliefs of others.
  2. Go to an ethnic restaurant, and seek out the owners or hosts with the goal of interviewing them about their culture, religious beliefs, and -- if they are immigrants -- their experiences in and impressions of your country.
  3. Assign class members specific countries or nationalities to be researched on the Internet, asking the members to present a five-minute summary to the rest of the group.
  4. Go together to a Christian worship service that is different from yours either culturally or ethnically. Use this opportunity to remind yourselves that God’s people constitute a broad range of races and ethnicities. Reflect on Revelation 7:9.

Paul Borthwick
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists