Improving Your Mission Report

You’ve been asked to present the mission report for Sabbath School. Maybe someone has handed you the Mission quarterly and told you to “just pick one and tell it.” You cringe, remembering how often you have sat through boring mission stories before. You don’t want to do that, but how can you make the presentation interesting? Here are some pointers:

Choose a story that interests you. Stories are written in first person, third person, as interviews, or for several persons to present. But the material in any story can be presented in any mode you like. Use your imagination. Let the story you’ve chosen suggest to you how it should be presented.

Let your mind capture the main idea and the events as you read the story. Remember how easy it is to recite the plot of your favorite television show? Take that same attitude with the mission story. Get excited about what happened, but don’t bog yourself down in details.

Practice telling it. After you’ve read the story several times, pretend to tell it to a friend. Your natural enthusiasm will generate listener enthusiasm. And remember, no one in the audience knows the story better than you do, so no one will know if you leave out a detail.

Relax! Focus on the story, not on the names. If a name threatens to trip you up, use a simpler name. The story, not the names, is what is important. Changing Georgy to George is not going to compromise the story’s integrity.

Be creative. If you think a mission story would make a good skit, go for it. But remember, the more people you involve and the more props you create, the more time it takes and the greater the chance that something can go wrong. So keep it simple.

Practice the presentation several times, especially if more than one person is involved. Know who will take which part, so there will be no hesitation.

Don’t read your part. Make notes to remind you of what ideas you will cover, but don’t read your part word for word. If someone misses a point, just go on.

Keep your presentation short and upbeat. You’re not the only one who will be glad that you can sit down before your allotted time is up.

Want more information? Once you have the story down, you may want more background information about the country or the special mission project being featured. Check out the “Leader’s Planner” in the front of the mission quarterly for basic information and places to go to find further information.

Pray over your presentation. Ask God to speak through you. Then relax. God answers prayers that are intended to glorify His name and His work.

Charlotte Ishkanian
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists