Productive Investments

The Morganton, North Carolina, church decided on an Investment goal of $5,000. Many thought the objective too high, but others -- young and old -- got busy and met the challenge. By the end of the year the church had reached the amazing total of $6,311.55!

  • Spring-cleaning yard sale ($262). 
  • Pancake breakfast ($85). 
  • Money jug ($500). A huge glass jug was set in the church foyer three Sabbaths each month. Members deposited money at will and in any amount. The church treasurer found two $100 bills in the jar. 
  • Church members had their individual projects as well: 
  • The pastor sold sermon tapes. 
  • Ed and Mary Lee Herzel sold bread. 
  • Nancy Naegler (90 years young) donated money for each Bible study correspondence student who completed their lessons. She also sold bread and gave a monetary gift for each answered prayer. 
  • Ervin Leonhardt collected aluminum cans and food labels. 
  • Faye and Erald Wheeler and Ervin Pearson collected pennies. 
  • Gail Spurlin pledged 25 cents for each African violet blossom on her five plants.  Some weeks she reported as many as 52 blossoms. 
  • Helen Self gave a dollar for each time she was invited out for a meal.

Sabbath School Investment is a miracle program. It involves just you and God in a team effort that’s bound to increase your faith and enable you to share God’s love. As you praise Him, others who notice will want to have the same kind of experience. There are hundreds of project ideas that people have tried and found successful, and your Sabbath School members may create new ones as the Lord leads them.

Investment leader checklist
* Does everyone in my church know I’m the Investment leader?
* Have I shared with the church how the Lord and I are working together on my Investment project?
* Do I share my vision: The most exciting thing about being an Investment leader is . . . ?
* How many people can I name who are doing something for Investment?
* Have all investors been invited to share their ideas, successes, or unique projects from the front of the church?
* Do I help investors find projects and support their efforts?
* Do I frequently remind Sabbath School members of the four productive types of Investment projects: sales, service, savings, and self-denial?
* Have I taken to the Lord the biggest problem I have as an Investment leader?
* Am I excited enough about Investment that I’m training another person in my church to become an effective leader?

Thurman C. Petty, Jr.
© 2006 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists