The Apostle John on TalkBack Radio

Scene: Radio studio. (This could be done as simply or as complicated as the director chooses.) Basics: Desk with John and host seated on opposite sides. Headphones for John and host. Mixing panel, computer, CD player/s, etc. If lighting effects available, just have a “room” of light in which the two characters are sitting. 

Characters: Jerry
Stereotypical DJ voice: somewhat aggressive but fair and open to persuasion.
John: Young, fresh-faced, earnest, cheerful.
Voice 1: Woman (Voices could be either pre-recorded or done live with microphones off stage.)
Voice 2: Middle-aged man, gruff
Voice 3: Male voice, very excited

Audio: Last 10 seconds of a song -- depending on host’s preference and music availability, this could be a contemporary Christian song or an older style tune with a Jewish/Middle Eastern feel.


Jerry: (As music fades out -- DJ voice) That’s from , a __________________  ____________________________________  song that’s doing some good things in the Jerusalem Top 30 at the moment—and remember you can hear the Top 30 in full, on Sunday evenings from 6 right here on Radio JC, covering the greater metropolitan area of Jerusalem City. This is “2Day in Jerusalem,” where we’re standing by for your calls. In the chair, it’s your host who plays fair. Jerusalem’s self-proclaimed king of talkback -- if I must say so myself -- “Jerry” Jeremiah. Like the prophets of long-ago, calling it how we see it and asking the hard questions of today. (Snippet of fanfare music effect.) And -- as promised -- I have a very special guest with me in the studio this morning. He’s been causing quite a stir in Jerusalem over the past few weeks. So much so that he has been released just this morning from a night in the local lockup and is fresh from a hearing in front of the temple council. But he has agreed to speak with us on Radio JC this morning. Welcome to the studio, John.

John: Thank you. It’s good to be here and thank you for the opportunity to talk with you and your listeners.

Jerry: Now, John, you have agreed to answer questions, we’ll be taking calls in just a moment, so standby for your opportunity to call in with your question for John on Radio JC, “2Day in Jerusalem.” But first let me ask you a couple of questions that everyone must be asking.

John: OK

Jerry: I understand you have just come from a hearing of the temple council. Whatwas that about?

John: Well, Jerry, Peter and I were arrested yesterday evening for causing a disturbance in the temple. We spent the night in the lock up and were questioned by the temple council this morning.

Jerry: What was the story behind this alleged disturbance?

John: I’m sure you -- and your listeners -- have seen the crippled man who regularly begs in front of the temple gate, the one named Beautiful.

Jerry: He’s been there as long as I can remember.

John: Yesterday afternoon, when Peter and I were on our way to the temple to pray, he caught our attention and asked us for a few coins. Peter had no cash on him so he decided to do something more amazing. Peter stopped in front of him, told him he didn’t have any money but instead told him to get up and walk. Peter pulled him to his feet and he not only began walking, but was soon jumping around and praising God. It was fun. Of course, this quickly attracted a crowd and Peter is not one to miss an opportunity to preach these days, so we spent the rest of the afternoon telling people about Jesus.

Jerry: Until you were arrested?

John: Yes.

Jerry: Before we move on, let me ask you a little about your background. How did you become involved in this kind of happening? You’re trained as a fisherman, aren’t you?

John: That’s my background. My father -- Zebedeee -- runs a fishing business on Lake Galilee, up north. And I worked with him -- but I haven’t worked there for a few years now.

Jerry: That’s strange qualification for healing, preaching, and teaching.

John: But that’s the change. For the past three or so years, I have been a follower and friend of Jesus, the preacher from Nazareth.

Jerry: So He taught you about this new career.

John: Yes, we were like apprentices to what He did.

Jerry: And now He’s gone, you’re working to continue what He started.

John: That’s what He told us to do.

Jerry: So what was the outcome of the hearing this morning?

John: We were questioned about what we’re doing -- and Peter took the opportunity to preach again, although this time the audience was a little less friendly. They sent us out while they deliberated. Then we were called back and warned not to talk, teach, or preach about Jesus anymore.

Jerry: So you shouldn’t even be talking to us here on “2Day in Jerusalem” this morning.

John: Ahhh ... no.

Jerry: But, you are.

John: Yes, some things are more important. As we answered the temple council: “Whether it’s right in God’s eyes to listen to you rather than God, you decide. As for us, there’s no question -- we can’t keep quiet about what we’ve seen and heard.”

Jerry: So this is something of an exclusive for “2Day in Jerusalem”

John: Well, not really. We’re telling anybody who’ll listen.

Jerry: Well, thank you for talking to us first.

John: I guess so -- except for the donkey cart taxi driver on the way here ... [Pause] and the ...

Jerry: (Cutting him off) You’re on “2Day in Jerusalem” on Radio JC, with Jerry and my special studio guest John, direct from his hearing before the temple council this morning. (Snippet of fanfare music effect.) We’re taking your calls; so if you have a question or comment for John, call now. Of course, the number here at “2Day in Jerusalem” is all fives. Just keep pressing five until it rings through and you can talk live with John—walking straight out of today’s headlines and talking to us here at Radio JC. We already have a number of callers on the line, so let’s go to the phones. (Presses buttons.) Our first caller is Salome. Hello, Salome. (Silence) Hello, Salome. Let’s try this line. (Button.) Salome, are you there?

Voice 1: Good morning, Jerry. I love your show.

John: (With good-natured long-suffering) Hi, Mum.

Voice 1: John, are you OK? Did you have a rough night in jail?

Jerry: John, this is your mother?

John: Yes. Mum, I’m OK.

Voice 1: Hey, Jerry. You should make John a regular religion commentator on your program. He’s a smart boy and after being with Jesus for the past three years or so, he’s right up on this new teaching that’s attracting such attention in Jerusalem at the moment.

John: Mum, you don’t need to be always trying to get jobs for me.

Jerry: That might be a good idea, Salome.

Voice 1: I’m proud of you, son. He’d be great, Jerry.

Jerry: Thanks, Salome. We’ll keep your idea in mind. How about it John?

John: (A little embarrassed) Umm ... Considering the council’s warning for me not to speak publicly, it might be difficult for your radio station.

Jerry: We’ll look into it. You’re on Radio JC. It’s “2Day in Jerusalem” with Jerry and our studio guest John. We’re taking your calls, questions and comments on 5555 5555. Going back to the phones, who have we got here?

Voice 2: Yeah, it’s Bart here.

Jerry: Ahhh .... One of our regular callers. Always with a strong opinion. What would you like to ask John this morning?

Voice 2: It’s a simple question: How can John and his crazy friends keeping going on about Jesus, when we all saw Him crucified and dead? This Jesus seemed like a good teacher and He seemed to have helped a lot of people, but He’s gone now. Why can’t you let it go, John? Perhaps you should all just go back to fishing.

John: (Quietly but confidently) All I can say is that while we are talking about something incredible, we are also talking about something that we have been a part of. From the very first day, we were there, taking it all in -- we heard it with our own ears, saw it with our own eyes, verified it with our own hands. The Word of Life -- Jesus -- appeared right before our eyes. We saw it happen!

Voice 2: But He’s dead. People don’t come back from the dead -- no matter how good they are.

John: About four years ago I probably would have said the same thing. But spending time with Jesus changed my opinion about what’s possible. I guess the most recent example was when Lazarus from Bethany became sick and died, earlier this year. He had been dead four days before Jesus opened the tomb and called him out. If you travel down to Bethany, you can ask Lazarus to tell you his side of the story.

Voice 2: They may or may not be true but that doesn’t mean this Jesus guy’s alive. He’s certainly not around anymore.

Jerry: Yes, John, if Jesus is alive, why isn’t He around? Why doesn’t He just make an appearance in the temple one day and then we all can believe Him?

John: Why Jesus had to leave just when He did, I don’t fully understand. To tell the truth, He was a great friend and I miss having Him around. But He tried to explain it and I admit there are some things about Jesus I am still trying to work out. But Jesus was around for about six weeks after He rose from the dead. There are many people who saw Him during that time. And I know for myself that I saw Him. We talked together, we ate together, and just as He was leaving He told us to tell as many people as we could about His story.

Voice 2: (Still gruff but somewhat resigned) Well, I don’t think I’m going to convince you, but I still think you’re probably mad. I guess you’ll all have to decide how important this crazy story is to you -- especially if they start seriously enforcing some of these warnings about your endless preaching. (Noise of hanging up.)

Jerry: Errr ... Sorry about that.

John: That’s OK -- sometimes even I find this story hard to believe. And I was there through it all. It is truly the most amazing thing that has happened in my life.

Jerry: Yes, sometimes our callers get a little heated. This is “2Day in Jerusalem” with Jerry on Radio JC. With us this morning and taking your calls is John -- the John of Peter & John in this morning’s headlines. Call now with questions and comments on 5555 5555. Let’s take another caller. (Presses button) Hello ...

Voice 3: (Cutting Jerry off. Extremely excited.) Wahoo! Is that John? John -- I can still walk. It wasn’t just an incredible dream. I can walk!

Jerry: I’m guessing you’re the beggar -- or former beggar -- healed by Peter and John yesterday.

Voice 3: (The story just spills out, almost tripping over itself.) That’s me. After 40 years, I can work. I was born lame and have spent my whole life begging -- being carried to the temple most days to “earn” a small amount of money to stay alive. And yesterday was just like any other day: hot, dusty, not much happening at the temple, not many people willing to stop to talk to a beggar. Then these two men came along. I called out to them and one of them came over. I was getting hopeful but he said, I don’t have a cent. I started to turn away, looking for other people. But he kept talking. He said something about Jesus. I had heard something about him a few months ago, and someone even suggested Jesus might be able to heal me -- He seemed to do a bit of that sort of thing -- but then I heard He was dead. But then this guy grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I struggled to keep my balance, fell forward -- and, and -- took a step. And then I was walking, then I was jumping. I can walk.

Jerry: And it was Peter and John who healed you?

Voice 3: They told me it was Jesus who healed me. I don’t know much about Him yet, but I sure want to find out more. John was telling me some amazing stories about Him, weren’t you John?

John: Jesus is the most incredible person I have ever met.

Voice 3: You’re the best John. Thank you so much to you and Peter -- and to Jesus. Yahoo!

Jerry: There certainly seems a great change in his life. What do you say about that, John?

John: Jesus changed my life so much that now I am able to be involved in helping change other people’s lives. I still feel like I’m just the youngest son of an up-country fisherman. But when you see Jesus work in such a powerful way, you can’t just stay the same.

Jerry: You’re listening to Jerry on “2Day in Jerusalem” on Radio JC. We’re almost out of time, John, but let me ask you one final question: There is talk of some of the disciples writing the stories of their time with Jesus. Have you thought about doing that? It certainly sounds like it would be a bestseller.

John: I haven’t given much thought to it. I don’t have time at the moment. Jesus said He would come back soon, but if Jesus hasn’t come back by then, perhaps writing down some of the stories of my time with Him could be something I might do when I’m older.

Jerry: But do you think there is a need for lots of books about Jesus?

John: Jesus did and said so many amazing things. If they were all written down, each of them, one by one, I can’t imagine a world big enough to hold such a library of books.

Jerry: So it might not be for a while but we might expect a story of Jesus according to John. Just in summary, what makes Jesus so important?

John: Jesus is a light shining in the darkness. He was the Son of God. God became flesh and blood, and moved into our neighborhood. We saw that glory with our own eyes.

Jerry: Powerful words from John, our special guest this morning on “2Day in Jerusalem.” Thank you for being with us this morning, John.

John: Thank you for the opportunity to share something about Jesus with you and your listeners.

Jerry: We’ll check Jerusalem’s freshest news and weather at the top of the hour. On the way there, let’s take a tune from __________________, this is __________________. Keep listening to Radio JC, the home of “2Day in Jerusalem.”

(Play first 10 seconds of song. Cut audio from “studio”, Jerry and John chat briefly but unheard, shake hands and John leaves. Fade music and lights.)

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