“In Step With Jesus,” a Sabbath School Bible study guide for new members

The New Members’ Bible Study Guide, entitled In Step With Jesus, has been prepared by the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department to assist in the task of making disciples. The theology that undergirds the content is based on the gospel commission (Matt. 28:19, 20), and on three characteristics that Jesus gave for identifying His disciples:

  • Disciples love God completely and others as themselves (John 13:35).
  • Disciples understand and obey the Word of God (8:31).
  • Disciples bear fruit (15:8).

In Step With Jesus, a series of four Bible study guides in print format, contains a total of 52 lessons. It is a valuable new resource for assisting new members to connect with church members and with God. It will help them understand and follow God’s Word, will demonstrate how to minister to others, and will equip them for discipleship during that all important first year of church membership.

To order print copies of the study guides, please visit www.adventistbookcenter.com/newmembers.