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A Gift for Me?

Luke 2:1-7; The Desire of Ages, pp 43-49


The Message

God gives perfect gifts, and His best gift is Jesus.

Memory Verse

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father” (James 1:17).

Niv was so happy that she could not stop smiling. She loved babies, and her mother was coming home soon with a new baby boy! Last Christmas she had received a beautiful baby doll for a gift. Now she would have a real baby to love and play with. What a perfect gift—much better than her baby doll gift!

Many years ago another family rejoiced because of a special gift baby. Who do you think it was?


Mary smiled to herself. She just couldn’t help it. She would soon have a very special Baby, Christ the Lord.

Ever since the angel had told her about it, she had wondered. First she wondered why God had chosen her. True, she and Joseph came from the tribe of David. God’s Word had said the Messiah would come from that tribe. However, they lived in the wrong town. The prophet Micah had foretold that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem, the City of David. However, Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth.

Then important news had reached their village. Emperor Augustus had decided to take a census. He wanted to know how many people lived in his kingdom. This meant that every family would be counted. And they had to be counted in the town of the father’s ancestors. That meant that Joseph would have to go to Bethlehem.

It was almost time for her baby to be born. And God had arranged everything. Her baby would be born in Bethlehem, just as the prophet Micah foretold. At just the right time, the government was requiring them to go to Bethlehem.

The trip was slow and tiresome. The roads were crowded with travelers. Mary may have been uncomfortable riding on the donkey for so long.

Tired and weary, they finally reached Bethlehem. But Joseph couldn’t find any place for them to stay. No one had an empty room. Even the covered porches of the inns were packed with tired travelers. Joseph was discouraged. Mary was worn out.

Finally an innkeeper took pity on them. He saw Mary and knew she would soon have her baby. “I’m sorry,” he explained. “Every room is taken. But there’s a stable out back. If you . . . ”

”We’ll take it,” Joseph replied. “We’re glad to have a place.”

That night Baby Jesus was born. Mary wrapped Him carefully in the soft cloths she had brought from home. She cuddled Him, filled with wonder all the while. Finally, she placed Him in the manger that Joseph had filled with clean, sweet hay.

Mary sank down on the soft straw bed that Joseph had prepared for her. She had never been so tired in her whole life! However, she was also happy and content. God had kept His word.

He had given her the perfect gift. Jesus is God’s perfect gift to us, too.