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Healing in the Streets

Acts 5:12-16; The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 77, 78


The Message

I serve when I bring healing to others.

Memory Verse

“Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

I don’t feel well,” announced Katie. “My stomach hurts.”

“My stomach hurts too,” said her little brother Willie.

“I’m not feeling well either,” added Mother with a sigh. “I think we all have a slight fever. Maybe we should go to see the doctor.” They hurried to Dr. Cato’s office. The waiting room was full. But Dr. Cato would help them all. And she did. In a few days Katie, Willie, and their mother were just fine.

Peter and the other apostles helped a lot of sick people too. But they weren’t doctors. They had a special kind of healing power. The Holy Spirit used them in a special way.


It was such an exciting time! The apostles were busy from early morning to night. “It’s just like Jesus said it would be!” Peter exclaimed. He raised his long, strong arms in praise to the Lord. “Remember what Jesus told us just before He went up into heaven? He said that we who believe on Him would touch the sick. And the sick would be healed!”

The other apostles nodded their heads in agreement. They had seen Jesus perform so many miracles. And they had heard Him promise to give power to His followers to do the same. Now it was happening. They were filled with the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit was using each of them in a mighty way! They were performing signs and wonders! They were healing the sick! They were helping people in trouble!

The apostles and the new believers often met together on Solomon’s Porch at the Temple. They never tired of sharing the good news about Jesus with each other. And they often prayed together there. Each day more and more people believed in the Lord. Large numbers of men and women joined the group of believers.

Every day was a new adventure. (Every day is always an adventure when a person is being used by the Lord.) Life was full of miraculous moments. Sick people were brought out into the dusty streets. They lay there on their beds or mats in the hope that Peter’s shadow would fall on them. They believed they would be healed if it did.

Crowds of people came. Pushing, hurrying crowds. Not only from all over the city, but also from the towns and villages around Jerusalem. Cripples limped in from the countryside. Blind men and women were led into Jerusalem. People with evil spirits in them were brought. Anyone with sick relatives or friends looked for a way to carry them to the apostles. And the Bible says that everyone who came was healed! The good news about Jesus was spreading like wildfire!