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A Wife for Isaac

Genesis 24; Patriarchs and Prophets, pp. 171–176


The Message

God wants everyone to join His family.

Memory Verse

“The Lord . . . will send his angel with you and make your journey a success” (Genesis 24:40).


Eliezer woke with a start. The sky was still black. But it was time to go. He had an important job to do. Abraham appeared out of the darkness. He smiled at his old and faithful servant. “The Lord will send His angel ahead of you, my friend,” he said. “God will see to it that you find just the woman He has picked for Isaac’s bride. She will be a woman from my homeland. We cannot let Isaac marry one of the heathen women who live here. He should marry someone who believes in God.”

Eliezer thought about his mission as he traveled day after dusty day. Abraham was so sure that the Lord’s angel would be traveling ahead of him. He would meet many strangers. Just how would he find the right woman? Which would be the woman the Lord had picked?

Finally, Eliezer arrived at the city of Nahor, where Abraham’s relatives lived. It was almost evening. He was tired of traveling, and he was thirsty. So were the camels.

Suddenly Eliezer had an idea! He raised his head toward heaven and prayed. “Lord, God of my master Abraham, give me success today. Keep Your promise to my master. I am here at the village well. The young women of the city will soon be coming for water. I will say to one, ‘Please lower your jar and let me have a drink.’ If she says, ‘Drink, and I will also bring water for your camels,’ may she be the one You have chosen for Your servant Isaac.”

Before Eliezer had even finished praying, a young girl appeared. She came to the well and filled her water jar. Could this be the one? Eliezer wondered. He ran to meet her. “Please give me a drink of water from your jar,” he asked.

The girl, Rebekah, quickly lowered the jar from her shoulder. She offered it to Eliezer, and he drank his fill. Then she said the very words Eliezer had prayed for! “I will also bring water for your camels.” Rebekah emptied her jar into the animals’ drinking trough. Then she hurried to the well for more water.

Eliezer smiled joyfully. God had answered his prayer so quickly! And the girl was so friendly, and so kind!

When Rebekah returned, Eliezer said to her, “Please tell me who your father is.” And when she told him, Eliezer knelt down and worshipped God. “Praise the Lord, the God of my master Abraham. He has faithfully kept His promise to my master. The Lord has led me straight to my master’s relatives!”

Rebekah went home and told her brother Laban about this servant of Abraham. Laban immediately went to the well and invited Eliezer to their home. Eliezer told them about his mission from Abraham. He told about his prayer and how God had answered it so quickly. Would Rebekah agree to Abraham’s request?

Rebekah had listened carefully to Eliezer. She heard how God had led Eliezer to her family. She believed God was leading in this. So she agreed to go with Eliezer. She would leave her family and her homeland. She would become Isaac’s wife.