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All for One; One for All

Acts 2:42–47; The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 70, 71


The Message

God gives us gifts so we can help others.

Memory Verse

“Serve whole- heartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people” (Ephesians 6:7).

Have you seen a baptism in your church? Were people sad or happy? The early Christians were thrilled because so many people were joining the church.


The disciples were bubbling over with happiness and the wonder of it all. Think of it—3,000 new believers had joined the church in one day!

Many of these new believers were strangers to Jerusalem. They had traveled a long way from far-off places to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. Most planned to return home as soon as the feast was over. But many now changed their minds. They no longer wanted to hurry home. They wanted to stay in Jerusalem awhile. There they could learn more about Jesus from the disciples. You might even say they were hungry to learn about Jesus.

The Jerusalem believers welcomed the new believers into their homes. They ate together. They prayed together. They praised the Lord together.

Some of the believers were wealthy, some were poor. Others had nothing because they had been disowned by their families when they became Christians. Some of the believers sold their property or possessions so they could help others.

Everyone shared what they had. The things of this world just weren’t important anymore. They believed that Jesus had risen from the grave. They believed that He would be coming back soon. And they believed He would take them home to heaven. They were full of hope and love.

They chose to follow God and let His Holy Spirit fill their lives. They wanted to share this hope and love with everybody. And the Holy Spirit worked with the believers to perform many miracles.

There were no newspapers in Jerusalem in those days, no radio, no television, no Internet, no cell phones, or e-mail. But that didn’t keep the news about the early church from spreading. Everyone talked about the good news of the gospel.

“Have you heard about what happened this morning in front of the temple?” someone may have asked.

Another person may have said, “Remember my next-door neighbor? The one who was crippled from the time she was born? Well, let me tell you what happened to her yesterday!”

“Do you know what I saw?” someone else may have asked.

The early church members taught the Word of God. They shared gladly with one another. They often ate together. And they shared in the special Communion meal. Every day was a time of prayer and praise. Every day new people heard the story of Jesus. And every day more people joined the church.

We, as God’s church, should still be doing this today. Believers should teach the Bible and share God’s love gladly with one another. We should eat together in fellowship and share Communion services. Together, we should praise the Lord, study His Word, and pray. And many more will follow God because of our loving witness.