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No! No! No!

Matthew 4:1–11; The Desire of Ages, pp. 114–131


The Message

When I have God’s Word in my heart, I can say no to Satan.

Memory Verse

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).

Have you ever been tempted to do something that Mom or Dad have told you not to do? to do something you know is wrong? Satan tempted Jesus, but Jesus said, “No.” How was He able to be so strong?


Jesus had just been baptized by John. He needed to be alone. He wanted to pray and think about what He was to do on earth, so He went into the desert. For 40 days He did not eat. He prayed all day, every day. After the 40 days, Satan suddenly appeared.

Satan knew Jesus was hungry and weak. So he said to Jesus, “If You are really God’s Son, turn some of these rocks into bread.” Satan knew Jesus was God’s Son. God had just called Jesus His beloved Son at Jesus’ baptism. If Jesus did this miracle, He would be showing that He doubted God’s word. Furthermore, Satan knew that Jesus would never do miracles to help Himself. He would only help others.

Jesus had learned the Scriptures from His mother and at the synagogue His family attended. When Satan said, “Turn some rocks into bread,” Jesus thought about the things He had learned.

“People don’t live just by eating,” He replied, “but by the words that come from God.” God had said that Jesus was God’s Son, so He did not need to prove it. Jesus wanted Satan to know that to obey and trust God was more important than food at the moment. Jesus knew He could depend on God to provide food for Him at the right time.

Then Satan led Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem. Satan took Jesus to one of the highest places on the temple. It was probably the place where the priests stood to blow the horn to call the people to worship.

“If You are God’s Son,” sneered Satan, “jump off. The Scriptures say, ‘Your Father will send angels to rescue you. They’ll catch you and keep you from crashing onto the rocks.’ ” That was true. God had promised that angels would keep His people from crashing onto the rocks. But Jesus knew He shouldn’t purposely put Himself in danger, and He did not want to use the power God gave Him to save Himself, so he knew He wouldn’t jump.

“The Scriptures also say, ‘Do not challenge the Lord,’ ” Jesus replied.

Satan tried one more thing. He took Jesus to a high mountain. There he showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. “Bow down and worship me,” he demanded, “and all this can be Yours.” Satan was lying. He couldn’t promise the world to Jesus. It didn’t belong to him! The world and everything in it belongs to God. Satan knew if Jesus bowed down to him, He could not save the world. Everyone would be lost forever.

“Get away from Me, Satan!” Jesus commanded. “The Scriptures say, ‘You must worship and serve only God.’ ”

Satan left Jesus then. He knew Jesus would never worship anyone but His Father.

After Satan left, angels came to be with Jesus. They comforted Him. They gave Him food and water.

How did Jesus resist Satan’s temptations? He read the Scriptures and thought about them. He went to the synagogue every week. He participated in worship services. And He prayed. You can read one of His prayers in John 17. Worshipping God gave Him strength. You too can gain strength as you worship God.