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Praise Him!

Revelation 5:11–13; 7:9–17 (see also Psalm 84:1–4; Psalm 100; Psalm 150); The Great Controversy, pp. 649, 671; Early Writings, pp. 13–20


The Message

We will sing songs of praise to God now and throughout eternity.

Memory Verse

“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs” (Psalm 100:1, 2, NIV).

What is your favorite song that tells about God’s love? How do you feel when you sing it? When we get to heaven, we will sing our favorite songs to praise God. What song will you sing? Who will sing with you?


Heaven is full of happiness and songs of praise to God. Everyone loves God so much, they just want to praise Him. The angels love Him. The people Jesus brought back from the earth are so happy to be there. And people from other worlds all join their voices in praise.

One special group praises God more than any other. They are called the remnant. Remnant means the rest or the part that remains. These are the people who were alive and waiting for Jesus when He came to earth the second time.

The remnant is special because God’s enemies—Satan and his followers on earth—tried to make them stop worshiping God. But the remnant remained faithful. Just before Jesus came to take them to heaven, they felt very lonely. But like Jesus, the remnant believed God loved them. So they continued to wait for Jesus to come.

Now that they are in heaven, the remnant give special praises to Jesus. They stand in front of His throne so they can praise Him. They praise Him with their harps and other instruments. They sing praise songs. The Bible promises that God will teach them a special song. A song that only they will be able to sing because they were faithful until Jesus came. Just think! God has written a special song for those who are faithful to Him!

The remnant praise Him because they know bad things won’t happen anymore. They praise Him because they know how good God is. They praise God because He sent Jesus to die for their sins. They praise Jesus because He lived and died for them. They join with all of creation to sing, “Let everything praise the Lord.”

Yes, we can praise God on earth today. The Bible tells us that we are not alone in praising God. Thousands of angels worship God all the time. Their favorite praise is about Jesus, God’s gift of grace to the world. They say with a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb who died for people’s sins. He receives power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!” (See Revelation 5:12.)

The angels and others are waiting for us to get to heaven. They want us to join in their praise. But we don’t have to wait until we get there. We can praise God now. We can praise Him because Jesus died for our sins. We can praise Him because Jesus is coming back to take us home to heaven. We can praise Him for our parents, teachers, friends, and relatives. We can praise Him for our homes, food, and clothing. Think of other reasons to praise God. And sing your favorite praise song now!