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Swim, Climb, and Fly!

Revelation 22:1–5, 12–14; The Great Controversy, pp. 675–678, Early Writings, pp. 13-20


The Message

God has prepared wonderful things for us to enjoy throughout eternity.

Memory Verse

“The angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb” (Revelation 22:1, NIV).

When you have been outside on a hot day, a big cool glass of water tastes wonderful. Now read about a river whose clear water gives life to all who drink it.


Remember Adam and the great family reunion in heaven? Jesus gave Adam a piece of fruit from the Tree of Life. That was just one of 12 different kinds that grow on the tree. Unlike trees on earth, the Tree of Life gives a different fruit every month. The leaves are useful too. The Bible says the leaves help heal all of us who have joined Jesus in heaven.

This wonderful tree grows on each side of the River of Life. The River of Life runs down the middle of a golden street. The river water is as clear as crystal. We can see all the way to the bottom. It flows from the throne of God. We can eat fruit from the Tree of Life and drink water from the River of Life forever. The river will never dry up. The tree will never die.

God and Jesus sit on their thrones in heaven. We can talk to them face to face. We can visit them at any time because there is no night. No night means there is no darkness. The light from God’s glory makes everything bright. We won’t need lamps or candles or even the sun! And we will never get tired. We won’t have to take naps or even go to bed! Every minute in heaven is like morning.

We will spend some of our time learning new things. But not in the same way as on earth. Our brains will be perfect so we can understand and remember well. Jesus will teach us new things.

We will do everything we ever wanted to—swim in the deepest water, climb the highest mountains, go to the highest heavens. We can soar to all the planets of the solar system and beyond. We will be able to go to different worlds in seconds and talk to the people who live there. They will tell us everything they have learned about God. They will tell us how they watched everyone and everything that happened on earth from the beginning of our creation. When we aren’t traveling, we will be working. But our work will be enjoyable. We won’t get sore muscles. We won’t get hurt.

We will enjoy rose bushes without thorns. We will walk through places that bloom with beautiful flowers and flow with sparkling streams. We will run through forests without dangerous creatures. Flowers will never die. Leaves will never fall off trees.

In heaven, no one will be sad. No one will be sick. No one cries. No one dies. We will never have to be separated from our best friends or our favorite cousins. Every day will be like a family reunion or the first day of school after vacation. And best of all, Jesus will be with us every second. We can ask Him all the questions we ever wanted to. We have all the time in the world to learn more about His love for us. And we will have all the time in the world to praise Him. To tell Him how much we love Him. Wouldn’t you like that?