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God’s children on earth know that Baby Jesus, born so long ago, grew to become a man. They know He was the One who died to save them. They know He has gone to heaven to be with God. And they know He will come to earth again.

God’s children on earth know it will happen soon. “Watch for My coming!” Jesus said. “There will be troubles on the earth. There will be wars. There will be earthquakes. But do not worry! I am coming back to get you and take you home to heaven.”

Yes, there have been earthquakes in the world. There have been wars. There have been many kinds of trouble. But God’s children do not need to worry. They know Jesus is coming to take them home.

“When I come to get you, everyone in the world will see Me,” Jesus said. “I will come like bright lightning that flashes. I will come with clouds of bright angels. And they will gather you up to meet Me in the sky.”

God’s children keep their eyes on the sky. Nobody knows which day He will come. But all God’s children know He is coming.

All the angels in heaven know it, too. They know Jesus is going back to earth to get His children and bring them home. Not one of the angels knows exactly which will be the special day. But they know that on that day, the great trumpet of God will sound. And they will go with Jesus to gather His children from one end of the world to the other. The excited angels wait. They practice the welcoming songs they will sing for God’s children.

God’s children wait and wait. “Do you think He’s really coming?” some ask.

“Of course, He’s coming!” their friends encourage. “Jesus never breaks His promises! Keep watching the sky.”

Suddenly, the special day will come! “It’s time. The time is here.” Jesus’ shout will ring through all of heaven. “Let’s go get My children!”

The angels will cheer. They will clap. They will sing and dance for joy. It will be the noisiest day ever!

Jesus and the angels will speed through the air to the earth. Shining clouds of angels will surround Jesus as He comes through the sky.

“He’s coming!” God’s children will shout. “Jesus is coming! He said He would come, and He is!”

And the angels will hurry to gather together all God’s children to meet Jesus in the clouds.

It will be the happiest day ever! It will be a wonderful day when Jesus comes to take us home!