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Hello, young friends. My name is Mary, and this is my little baby boy. His name is Jesus. Joseph and I named Him that because that is what the angel told us to name Him. He is a special baby. He is God’s Son. But He is also my little son, and I just love Him so much. I think He is beautiful and so precious.

I want to tell you about what happened the other day. We took Baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem to be dedicated to God. In our country it is our custom to take the first baby boy in the family to the Temple for a special service. We took with us an offering of two pigeons.

While the priest accepted our offerings, an older man named Simeon saw our baby. He came over to us and asked if he could hold Baby Jesus. I was pleased and gladly let him.

Simeon held Baby Jesus in his arms and looked into His face. Then he started thanking God for letting him see this special baby, the Saviour of the world. “Lord, as You have promised, let me go my way in peace, for I have seen this child who will bring salvation to all people, a light to all people.”

Simeon even blessed Joseph and me. We were surprised! We knew Jesus was special, but we didn’t quite understand everything yet.

Then an older woman, Anna, came to us, and she asked to see Jesus. Of course, we let her. She smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. She too began thanking God for letting her see our Jesus. She began telling people who were watching us what a special child Jesus was. She said our baby was the promised Saviour.

There was so much going on and so many things to think about that I was a bit confused, but pleased, too. Later I thought again and again about the things that Simeon and Anna had said about our special baby.

It had been an amazing day! Both Simeon and Anna had seen something special about our baby. Both had said that He would bring salvation to all, that He was the promised Saviour of the world.

Joseph and I love Jesus just because He is our baby. We know that He is a gift from God to us, and to all the world. Your parents love you, too. Children are very special to God.