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These men are servants of the Most High God! They are telling you how you can be saved!”

Paul and Silas spun around. A girl with an evil spirit followed them. Her masters made money by listening to this evil spirit and then telling people what was going to happen to them. For days the girl followed and shouted the same message after Paul and Silas.

Even though what the girl was saying was right, it was not good for people to think that Christians had anything to do with evil spirits. So Paul finally turned to the girl and ordered the evil spirit, “By the power of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!”

The evil spirit left the girl immediately, and she became quiet.

The servant girl’s masters became very, very angry. They dragged Paul and Silas to the city rulers. “These men are Jews, and they are making trouble!” they shouted. “They are teaching things that are unlawful for us to practice!”

An angry crowd gathered and heard them. They began to beat Paul and Silas with big sticks. So the rulers threw Paul and Silas into jail.

Even though they were in pain, that night Paul and Silas began to pray and sing praises to God. The other prisoners and the jailer couldn’t believe what they were hearing! About midnight the ground suddenly shook so hard that all the doors of the jail fell open, and all the chains fell off the prisoners. The jailer was sure all the prisoners had escaped. He shook with fear. He believed he would be punished because the prisoners were gone.

But just then Paul shouted, “We are all here!”

“Bring me a light!” the jailer called to a servant. He ran to look for himself. Not one prisoner had run away!

The jailer took Paul and Silas to his own home. There he fed them and listened as they told him about Jesus. “Men,” he said, “what must I do to be saved?”

Paul and Silas smiled. “Just believe!” they said. “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”

“I believe,” the jailer said as he tenderly washed Paul’s and Silas’s wounds.

Before the night was over, Paul and Silas baptized the jailer and all his family.

Paul and Silas did the right things. They praised God when bad things happened to them. And they showed the jailer about Jesus’ love. You can share about Jesus by doing what is right too.