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Paul’s eyes popped open. “Hey, you sleepyheads!” he called to his friends Silas, Timothy, and Luke. “Get up! We are going to Macedonia!”

Silas and Timothy and Luke rubbed their sleepy eyes. “Where did you say we are going?” Timothy asked.

“God gave me a vision last night,” Paul explained energetically. “I saw a man who begged me to come to Macedonia and teach the good news about Jesus in his country.”

Paul and his friends boarded a big sailboat. It was a long way to Macedonia, but God sent strong winds to push the boat along quickly. After five days the boat docked in Macedonia. Paul and his friends walked to a big, busy, important city named Philippi. On Sabbath they hiked along the river. They had heard that some people met beside the river every Sabbath to pray and worship together.

As they walked along they saw a group of women. Many people in those days thought women were not important at all. But Paul knew better. He knew that Jesus loves everyone: men and women.

The men sat down to visit with the women. And the women were thrilled to hear what Paul and his friends had to tell them. The women already believed in and worshiped the God of heaven. And now they learned about God’s Son, Jesus.

The women understood and believed the wonderful message they heard. “I want to be baptized,” Lydia exclaimed. “And then I want to go home and tell everyone this good news!” So she and her family were baptized.

Lydia was a rich businesswoman. She sold very expensive purple cloth, the kind that kings and queens used in those days. “Would you like to come and stay in my home while you are teaching in Philippi?” Lydia asked Paul and his friends.

Lydia knew that Paul and Timothy and Silas and Luke were serving God by coming to her country and telling her people about Jesus. Lydia wanted to serve God by helping to take care of Paul and his friends while they were there.

Paul and Silas and Timothy and Luke preached in Philippi for many days. Many people believed the good news about Jesus and were baptized because of the work of the four missionaries and the care Lydia gave them.