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Hello, young friend. My name is Tabitha. That’s my Aramaic name. But some people call me Dorcas, my Greek name.

Since I learned about Jesus and became a Christian, I really want to help people like He did. When someone is sick, I go to see them. I usually take some food and maybe a warm blanket. If their house needs cleaning, I will do that, too. I always pray with them and sometimes sing them a happy song about Jesus.

Poor people need my help too. The widows especially. They are the ones without husbands to help them. I love sewing new clothes for them.

I especially love children. The ones who are sick or don’t have parents are the ones I take more time with. I give them a hug and listen to them talk about their troubles. Sometimes I teach them a song or tell them a story about Jesus.

I know now why Jesus was so busy helping people. When you really look, you will always find someone who needs help. I like bringing happiness to others. By doing so, I get a lot of happiness too.

Some time ago something wonderful happened to me. But it didn’t start out wonderful. I was very sick! I was so sick that I died, I’ve been told. And my friends were very sad.

Our friend Peter just happened to be in a nearby town. Someone sent for him, and he came quickly. My friends were crying. They showed him the clothes I had made for them. They told him how I had helped them. That was very nice, but I think I would have been embarrassed if I had heard them!

I am told that Peter prayed for me. I don’t remember that. I just remember suddenly seeing Peter standing beside me. I was so surprised that I sat up! He took me by the hand and led me into the next room, where many people were crying. Everyone looked up in shock. Then they shouted for joy! I really didn’t realize what had happened! But God had used Peter to perform a miracle that brought me back to life. Word about the miracle spread quickly, and many people believed in Jesus because of it.

I’m so happy that God used Peter to bring me back to life. I still have a lot of work to do! I want to continue to bring joy and happiness to others. I’m thankful that God has given me more time to serve Him.