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Wicked King Herod rubbed his hands together and made plans. He would do away with the people who believed in Jesus! He would take care of that preacher Peter next. “Guards!” King Herod shouted. “Guards!”

Peter went quietly with the soldiers who came to arrest him. When they arrived at the prison, Peter was chained to two soldiers—one on each side of him.

The chains pinched Peter’s arms. But Peter didn’t complain. He sat down on the cold stone floor and leaned against the wall. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The news about Peter’s arrest spread quickly through the city. Many of the believers hurried to John Mark’s mother’s house. They often went there to pray together, so it seemed like the right place to pray for Peter. The believers prayed and prayed. They prayed late into the night.

Back in the prison a bright light suddenly shone in Peter’s cell. An angel tapped Peter on the shoulder. “Quick! Get up!” the angel said, and the chains fell off of Peter’s wrists. “Put on your sandals. Put on your coat and follow me.”

Peter did as he was told. He felt as if he were dreaming.

Peter and the angel passed between two groups of soldiers and came to the iron gate that led to the street. The gate opened by itself, and Peter and the angel walked out of the prison together! Then the angel disappeared.

Peter closed his eyes and opened them again. He really was on the street! “It’s true!” he whispered to himself. “The Lord sent an angel to help me!”

Peter hurried to John Mark’s mother’s house and knocked at the door. Rhoda, a servant girl, came. She heard his voice, but instead of opening the door she ran right back into the house. “Peter is at the door!” she shouted.

Peter’s friends looked at Rhoda. “That’s crazy!” they said. “It’s not possible.”

“It’s true! It’s true!” Rhoda insisted.

Peter began knocking again.

When the people finally opened the door, they were astonished. Someone grabbed Peter and quickly pulled him into the house. They listened eagerly as Peter told how the Lord had sent an angel to lead him out of prison. The believers laughed and cried with joy. And then they prayed some more. They praised the Lord for hearing and answering their prayers.