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What is all that noise?” Peter asked.

Matthew sighed. “Some of the new believers are arguing again,” he answered.

“What are theyarguing about?” Peter asked.

“Well,” Matthew explained, “some of the believers who are not from our area— the ones who speak the Greek language—are complaining that the widows in their group aren’t getting as much food to eat as the Hebrew widows.” Matthew sighed again. “It’s so sad to hear them argue.”

“Well, arguing is wrong!” Peter said firmly. “Let’s call the people together and see what we can do about this.”

So that is what they did. When the believers were gathered together, the apostles stood up and spoke. “We apostles do not want to have to stop our work of preaching and teaching the Word of God in order to serve food. We have an idea,” they said. “Pick seven good men. Men who are wise. Men who are filled with the Holy Spirit. We will put them in charge of giving food to the widows.”

The believers smiled at each other. It was a good idea. It was a good solution.

So the believers set about choosing the seven men. And they chose carefully. They chose men who were wise and full of the Holy Spirit. They chose men who were honest and truthful. Then the believers brought the seven new helpers, Stephen, Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas, to the apostles.

The apostles were pleased. They gathered around the seven men and laid their hands on them and prayed. This meant that the seven were being set aside to do a special work for God. The apostles prayed that God would bless the men and help them take care of the widows.

So the apostles were able to continue their own special work of praying and preaching and teaching. More and more people heard the Word of God. More and more became believers in Jesus. All kinds of people believed. Shopkeepers and farmers. Weavers and sandal makers. Even some of the priests from the Temple.

All the believers were important in the family of God. And the poor widows who needed food were loved and cared for. We can be God’s helpers too. What can we do to help hungry people?