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Do a good job now, little Deborah,” Mama said with a smile. “Company is coming to supper again tonight.” Deborah looked up. “Who?” she asked. “I don’t know yet,” Mama answered with a twinkle in her eye.

Mama sat and pulled little Deborah onto her lap and kissed her rosy cheek. “I will explain it to you,” Mama said.

“The apostles are preaching the good news about Jesus all over our city. They are preaching with great power. Hundreds of people are learning about Jesus every day,” Mama began.

Deborah nodded. She knew the apostles were telling everyone about Jesus.

“Well,” Mama went on, “many of the new believers are from far away. They came to Jerusalem for the great feast. They heard the apostles and learned about Jesus, and now they want to stay for a while and learn even more about Him. Some are running out of money. So we are helping them. We will share God’s love with them by sharing our supper.”

Deborah slid off Mama’s lap. “I’d better hurry and finish sweeping,” she said.

Mama mixed a batch of bread. She kneaded the dough and shaped it into loaves. She put the loaves in the oven. The wonderful smell of baking bread soon filled the house.

There was a knock on the door. Mama’s friend scurried in. “I have extra lentils,” she said, putting a heavy sack on the table. “I thought you might be able to use them,” she said with a laugh as she left.

“That’s a lot of lentils, Mama,” little Deborah said.

“You’re right,” Mama agreed. She picked up the big sack and weighed it in her hands. “God is providing extra food. This will make lots of soup. God must be bringing lots of people to supper tonight,” she said.

“How is my beautiful family?” Papa’s booming voice filled the house. He scooped little Deborah up and gave her a gigantic hug. He put an arm around Mama and hugged her, too. “That soup sure smells good!” Papa exclaimed, peering into the big pot.

“We’re sharing our supper!” Deborah exclaimed. She twirled across the floor. “We’re sharing God’s love with the new believers.”

“I know,” Papa said. “I will get cleaned up, and then we will all go to the apostles. We will find hungry believers and bring them home and feed them.”

“And while we eat we will talk about Jesus,” Deborah said. “That’s my favorite part!”