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On the night that Jesus was born, the angels came and sang to the shepherds. The shepherds were the only ones who heard the angels, but they weren’t the only ones who saw them.

Far, far away in another country, a group of men were looking into the heavens. They had studied the nighttime sky for years and knew where every star was supposed to be. But on that night, something was different. There—right there—was what seemed like a new star, a bright star, one that had never been there before.

These men didn’t know it, but they probably were looking at the angel choir that had sung to the shepherds. After their song the angels had faded off into the distance until they looked like a new star glittering in the night sky.

What did it mean? These men studied the Bible until they found special words. “A star shall come forth out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise out of Israel.” That was it! This was the star of a new King! They would go and worship Him right away.

But they wouldn’t go without presents. They would take the nicest gifts they could find: gold, the most precious metal; frankincense, a sweet-smelling incense from faraway countries; and myrrh, an expensive perfume. They were treasures fit for any king. They would be the perfect presents.

When it was night again they checked the heavens once more. Yes, the strange new star was still there. They would follow the star, and it would lead them to the new King. When daylight crept into the eastern sky, the angel star faded from sight. Then the Wise Men stopped to sleep. But as soon as darkness slipped over the land and they could see the star, they were ready to follow its light once again.

Night after night they traveled, for it was a long trip. But every night the angel star guided them, until at last it led them to Jesus and His parents.

The Wise Men were so happy to find Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. They fell to their knees and worshipped Him. Then they gave the gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Jesus.

Mary and Joseph were amazed, but pleased. These were the first pre sents for Jesus, and they were perfect gifts of love and worship.